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AMD6000Controller.KEXT for 10.9.3 XFX 6670HD 2048mb HDMI-DVI-VGA Model

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Hello world,


I have decided to upload my own personally hex edited driver for the XFX Radeon 6670HD 2Gb video card with the HDMI-DVI-VGA setup.


This is modified from a stock 10.9.3 AMD6000Controller.kext file with the Ipomoea personality edited to suit the connectors, encoders and transmitters for this card since they differ from the mac-based display port 6670HD model.


I have tested the HDMI and DVI which appear to work at the same time since i'm dual screening with these connections currently - the screenshots can confirm this. I have yet to test the device using the VGA slot since I have no need for this connector. Hopefully it works all the same.


Install to S/L/E with a utility such as Kext Wizard - backup replacements to be safe - repair permissions and then reboot.




The required bootflags for this kext to be activated are






**You will need to remove any injectors prior from either /Extra or /S/L/E though this is unlikely needed since kext graphics injection is largely outdated.

**Due to the chip on the card triple monitoring is not possible.


Best of luck


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:shock: thanks it works on my Gigabyte 6670 as well 

now it shows correctly as AMD Radeon HD 6670 Series :)

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Yeah, please update for 10.9.4. and attach AMDSupport.kext for it too. I forgot to backup mine when when I was trying out a diferrent kext bundle.

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Would this work for a Radeon HD 6470M? It's great to see more AMD / ATI development for hackintosh with kexts like this one. I have a HP elitebook, Radeon only video card configuration and am wondering if I could use this to get the card working. I see in the S/L/E that the kext commonly used, at least in real macs is just the 6000 series AMD kext. Thx, Nick, Mister Photon 

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