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    Hello world, I have decided to upload my own personally hex edited driver for the XFX Radeon 6670HD 2Gb video card with the HDMI-DVI-VGA setup. This is modified from a stock 10.9.3 AMD6000Controller.kext file with the Ipomoea personality edited to suit the connectors, encoders and transmitters for this card since they differ from the mac-based display port 6670HD model. I have tested the HDMI and DVI which appear to work at the same time since i'm dual screening with these connections currently - the screenshots can confirm this. I have yet to test the device using the VGA slot since I have no need for this connector. Hopefully it works all the same. Install to S/L/E with a utility such as Kext Wizard - backup replacements to be safe - repair permissions and then reboot. ---IMPORTANT--- The required bootflags for this kext to be activated are GraphicsEnabler=Yes aticonfig=Ipomoea atiports=3 **You will need to remove any injectors prior from either /Extra or /S/L/E though this is unlikely needed since kext graphics injection is largely outdated. **Due to the chip on the card triple monitoring is not possible. Best of luck
  2. mryeadon

    Kernel Panic in 10.5.6 System Profiler

    Looking at that image it appears the IOGraphicsFamily is causing the kernel panic and not seatbelt.kext or your system.kext How is your graphics card set up to work?
  3. mryeadon

    Photoshop CS4 crash on startup

    Okay so my original hunch was just a mere coincidence. I've got this issue fixed with the RC1 release of the Voodoo Kernel. http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ Best of luck.
  4. mryeadon

    Photoshop CS4 crash on startup

    I am having the same issue as you guys and I think it might have something to do with this new GPU Acceleration support since I tried running it without Quartz Extreme with my Mac running core image in software mode Photoshop CS4 would start fine. I have however come across this after a Google search and it looks pretty useful. Yet to try it out. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/29255...cContainer_link
  5. mryeadon

    Drivers for ATI HD 3650 and 3450

    Best keeping an eye on this post as its got potential 3400 series drivers being released soon. Personally, I can't wait! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107526
  6. mryeadon

    reboot all the time?

    Hey there, im working on a friend's computer and he's been having the same problem with the same release. Is the reboot happening as soon as you boot up, or do you see some text first? If you installed it fine with the boot DVD it uses the 9.2 kernel instead of the 9.5 one which could be causing the restart issue. Try using a different kernel and seeing if it will at least boot. This is just an idea, I dont really know much tech stuff, also you could try some of the many fix's with the DVD and make sure you have the right Chipset driver. Good luck!