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I am able to pay to make me a disk to install MAC


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Hello !

I realised, that the only instalation DVD that see's my hdd (the one with hip hop Tiger V 10 4 10) like all the others, see's my VGA instead of Ati Radeon X1100 (128 mb) , it shows Ati x200 (16mb)

Please help me ...


I am able to pay 30$ for somebody who make's me a dvd to install mac on my OSx

I have an Acer Aspire 5100

With Sata Hdd (60Gb) - 3 partition (part1 - Windows , part2 - Storage , Part3 - This is for mac)

[i want to add later Ubuntu on the storage partition and triple boot]

VGA AtiRadeon X1100

Wireless Adapter - Atheros AR5BMB5

LAN - Realtec (if this won't work, i don't mind)

DVD-RW Super Multi - Pioneer

Audio - Realtec High Definition

CPU - AMD Turion 3000+ (in windows shows 2Ghz, in bios shows 1.66Ghz :-??)

Ram - 2 cards (1 - 1024 MB , 2 - 512 MB)


I can't turn my hdd from bios to see it as SATA.


Please, if you can make me a dvd to install mac (with video patch and all there is to it so it will work), i will pay, donate, whatever you want to call it, to the person's project 30$.

I need this dvd to have a video patch also to see my vga as x1100 and to see my hdd and all my components.

Can u help me with this ?

I don't really have moey, and these are my put away for some rainy day's money ...


Thank you in advance, and the money you will receive by PayPal.

George MUSAT

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dude, i so your sig now, i was there yesterday and today, i read and tryed to install all this time ...

It's like there is no way i can do it ...

I even tried with the flat image.

I also took the laptop hdd, put it on my desktop (SATA) trried every MAC distro i got, look's like there is no way to install it ...

I have an Acer Notebook Aspire 5101 ... it doesn't work, please help me ...


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i did it ...

hahaha ...

anyone with Aspire 5101 PM me

I will write a tutorial after i make my wifi controller, and post a link here also ...

I want to give back to the project ... because with it's help i managed ... to install

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