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  1. TeDeU

    problem with GTX460

    Hello ... did you tryed this ? http://netkas.org/?p=570&cpage=1#comment-119625 and this: http://netkas.org/?p=564
  2. Hello ... did you tryed this ? http://netkas.org/?p=570&cpage=1#comment-119625 and this: http://netkas.org/?p=564
  3. TeDeU

    nVidia GTX460

    Hello ... did you tryed this ? http://netkas.org/?p=570&cpage=1#comment-119625 and this: http://netkas.org/?p=564
  4. TeDeU

    problem with GTX460

    i am afraid it doesn't work m8 ... i am there too... i can wait the day apple or nvidia release the driver ...
  5. i try ... will see what happends
  6. TeDeU

    gts450 supported?

    i left a message to nvidia asking them to release a driver for gtx460 ... you should all do that
  7. Yes... works just fine ... the modification in bios as i understood them are not majors ... Here is what i found ... They change some lines Original BIOS Lines: Scope (_PR) { Processor (P001, 0×01, 0×00000810, 0×06) {} Alias (P001, CPU1) Processor (P002, 0×02, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} Alias (P002, CPU2) Processor (P003, 0×03, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} Alias (P003, CPU3) Processor (P004, 0×04, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} Alias (P004, CPU4) } Modified BIOS Lines: Scope (_PR) { Processor (P001, 0×01, 0×00000810, 0×06) {} Processor (P002, 0×02, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} Processor (P003, 0×03, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} Processor (P004, 0×04, 0×00000000, 0×00) {} }
  8. Hey Robert... good job ... I used this tutorial and it's ok ... Here is one question ... when i installed my snow leopard, i know i downloaded a file with the links of all the modified bios... Now i can't find that file... Please send a PM to me... Thank you verry verry mutch !
  9. TeDeU

    Is there a database program ?

    1. I don't want to use access (would be nice, but not necesary) ... 2. I am looking for a database program more complex than those 2 you mentioned ... 3. When i was reffering to Microsoft Access, i meant the functionality ... I want a program that allows me to create a complex database (like MS Access or FoxPro allows you to) ... then to generate forms (that will draw theyr datas from the data base ...) So ... i am looking for a complex database solution, used to stode data, and also export them in print format ... Is there anything like that for mac ? Tried to search google, but i didn't had any luck... ------EDIT------- Looks like File Maker Pro is almost what i am looking for ... now if there is something with scripting capabilities (like VBA in Access )
  10. Hello ... I was wondering ... is there a database program for snow leopard ? Like Microsoft Access or Fox Pro ? And if there is, ... maybe even something that is crossplatform (that will work on both mac osX and Windows ?)... Thank you !
  11. I also have this problem ... Tested with Asus P5Q3-Deluxe/WiFi @n VGA 9600 GT 512 MB Bootdisks i tested: 123 Mars, 123Jupiter, Empire Efi, Boot123 for p5q3, Empire Efi 1.085 legacy None worked ... Here is a photo... Please someone help us !
  12. Hello, I have a major problem ... I have a Asus P5Q3-Deluxe/WiFi @n Mother Board with VGA 9600 GT 512 MB If i use the 123 disk's you created, nothing happens ... It freezes , just link in the image. What to do ? The BIOS is patchet with Juzzy's Bios I setted everithing in BIOS as it should ... Nothing ... P.S. The same outcome i have with a Efi Empire Disk, witch i used long before to install on a P5Q ant it worked...
  13. Hello, I have this problem, whe i boot with your 123, or with empire efi, or with 123 mars and 123 juppiter, the same thing happens . Please look at the attached picture: ***EDIT*** I am not the onlyone with this problem ... please take a look at here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1431310 Thank you !
  14. No.. as a mater of fact you are doing everything ok, but looks like a moderator from this board choosed to erase Juzzy's page with all the Bios update... This is not nice from they behalf, and i will like that moderator to be punnished, and the page relisted ... take care ...
  15. Hy ... Download the Efi Empire Boot Disk, and on it You have a installer of Chameleon, but tweaked so it works ... As i knew you only have to have S-ATA DVD RW to work ... Yes you can update without a problem ... i updated and thank you is working fine ...