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  1. Hi all! I'm the owner of a dv5295ea that was shipped with the intel3945 which is not working, as we all know. So i ordered the bcm4311 after listening to so many ppl using it with no probs. Well it seems its not the case for hp The weird thing is that the card i got has the hp vendor id thus no problem with the bios 104 {censored}, so i was hoping it was gonna work. I tried using the leopard kext from chun-nam but after that my system crashed and it crashes every time im tryin to boot. Is there like a simple step algorithm that i can go through here to get my wireless up and running? Here's the card i have: ebay link ps1 Also i read some guy managed to get 4gb on his dv5000 although on the manual says that 2gb is the max. Did he actually managed to increase the size by using the modified bios version? ps2 I suppose since i have the dv5000 family of notebooks the bios hack posted on the start of the post will work fine?? Thanks!!! EDIT Finally get it working after a clean install and just using the num-chuck's kext posted on the start of this post. A big thanks ::D I still have the question on whether or not the ram can get bigger than 2 gb
  2. Hi all! Ive installed kalyway 10.5.2 on this old amd mobo and though everything worked great and its also loading osx fast im having some problem with my USB Controllers. Now i heard that the 10.4.3 usb kexts might fix that. Any ideas please? ps. somethings wrong with the search function..
  3. Im just wondering how the upgrade process works. Do i actually have to download the update and then what? Could someone roughly explain how the process is been applied? Thanks
  4. A cheap yet effective solution to run mac!

    anyone knows if this will work out of the box with kalyway? http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Mode...re1600TWINS-P35
  5. Hello all! I guess my title is quite self-explinatory so im wonderin if any of you guys have any sugestions based on your own experience on how to built a cheap yet , effective solution that runs the latest kalyway. Im runnin it on my lap and it runs great! What i was thinkin bout is an intel duo core , a cheap mobo including an intel chipset (ASRrock would do the job i guess), and some really fancy and decent graphics card , preferably nvidia. I would really appreciate some input on this and also some mobo that has features like usb , network , sata and ide working out of the box with kalyway would be great..
  6. Local Area Network (Not working)

    completely off topic ...
  7. It did for me. Im not sure if you gonna have sse2 support though.
  8. Local Area Network (Not working)

    im having exactly the same probs bro.. Internet but no access to my shares. If you find any solutions bout this let me know. The iAtkos im using atm is a pain in the ass and way slower than TOH and kalyway.
  9. Intel Pro 10/100 Ethernet

    no one hasnt experienced this problem yet with kalyway??
  10. Intel Pro 10/100 Ethernet

  11. Hi everyone! I guess the title is quite self explanatory and after a flawless installation of kalyway 10.5.1 on my lap im having a small prob with my network. Ive always used the network tulip method described on osx86 wiki and it seemed to work for my laptop just fine until i got kalyway on my pc and now i have internet but i can't see my network shares!! They only show up randomly sometimes after reeboting. Is there any solution to this? Anyone having the same laptop or network card could share his thoughts with me? Thanks ive just used the iAtkos DVD just to install the intel pro ethernet driver but no results. I have internet but still cant see my shares.. The funny thing is that i cannot used the iatkos release cause from some reason it doesnt boot if i dont have the dvd into the drive. So far the only working release is kalyway but its ridiculous having a network and cannot see my shares.. If someone knows any workarounds for this i would greatly appreciate some help.. Cheers!
  12. make image

  13. make image

    I was just wondering if there's any sufficient way to make a whole image somewhere of my whole drive into some other place including osx86 and my other partitions. I used the acronis boot disk but it f** up my osx partition and now its not booting anymore. If you guys have any suggestions plz let me know. Im using osx leopard (toh), windows xp/Vista and linux debian.. They all boot up on Grub.
  14. after installing kalyway i got: "error 12: invalid device requested" do you guys have any ideas? Thanks!
  15. ASUS P5K PREMIUM + Q6600

    hello everyone! i really need to make my self a nice present this xmass and i was thinkin bout a really nice upgrade for my music pc.. Since my AMD X2 3800+ is such a f** pain and it certainly not even competes the latest 65nm trend i was thinkin bout ordering the Q6600 + some good mobo http://www.e-shop.gr/show_per.phtml?id=PER.522556 but i definitely need to make that babe work with leopard. Can you please give some input bout this mobo and your impressions? Am i gonna find all the drivers i need to make this mobo and all 4 cores working with leopard? If not can you please reference some ready to go quad core solution mobos that will make leo work out of the box? Thanks!!! And a happy new year