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  1. You need to fake one of the supported GPU IDs (191e, 1912 etc) either via DSDT or via Clover's config.plist /Devices/Arbitrary injection. It's described on the github page of FakePCIID.kext
  2. The SKL drivers are still in development / debug mode, the verbose screen was never meant to be seen by normal users, especially on a macintosh. Failed doesn't mean something is broken, failed means one function didn't found the required parameters in order to run and thus the next one will be tried. Even Pike said in some comment on his blog that it's "fine". I didn't see your signature, was under the impression you have a laptop. There are some people reporting wake problems with your specific board. The debug process is simple, check console app for the log during the time interval you tried to wake the PC up. Go from there. Alternatively, remove the GLDriver.bundle from extensions to disable QE/CI and see if wake works then, if not then try removing SKLGraphics.kext. Alternatively, check if the sound gets initiated (set volume feedback in settings and change the volume) even if the screen remains black, or install some VNC app and try to connect with another device to it, if you succeed in reaching the desktop via VNC even if the screen is black then it's an HDMI issue that might require FB kext patching. @denicio I see iMac17, are you also a desktop user? Changing those settings won't affect much, messed with them on my laptop a while back, only 1 or 2 of them actually triggered a KP at boot, the rest had no noticeable effect in terms of functionality or benchmarking scores, but it may be different for desktop users. P.S Scheduler interface revision default value is 1 on macbooks starting with BDW driver implementation on 10.11.X
  3. That verbose output seems to be normal. Sleep/Wake is likely related to USB not graphics. Either way, you will need a properly patched DSDT for sleep/wake to work properly.
  4. Still got them. They go away if I boot into windows/linux/os x installer usb and reboot back, but once something goes fullscreen they appear again. Have no idea why that is... personally I just set the menu bar to dark mode (system preferences > general > dark) so it's less visible. Maybe it's a SKL driver problem, or an EDID related thing like the ones on L502x on certain panels. I'm waiting for 10.11.5 to be released, if they're still present, I'll do some tests.
  5. Because for some reason that is beyond me, they changed the correct ID from a previous version, to one that makes no sense in the next revision (191B - > 191A). I've reported it but they didn't take notice. @wen1 what's your smbios? You need to use MBP11,1 or another recent macbook smbios to get hdmi output. Take note tough, your CPU geekbench score will be lower when NOT using an iMac17,1 smbios.
  6. DoiX

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Clover is using the wrong device id for HD 530 { 0x191A, "Intel HD Graphics 530" }, // Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 It should be 0x191B, as it was in revision 3368. After that revision it got changed to the current id.
  7. I hope so... the drivers are a mess, same as the ones from BDW. No clue what apple has been doing with them.
  8. Pretty much, people have been reporting success in the HP Envy thread as well.
  9. If your initial screenshot is still valid, you might want to check if you have FakeSMC.kext present on whatever you use to boot. Because according to the screenshot, it's not being loaded. Once you fix that, you should be able to reach the desktop. However, if for some reason you get stuck at a black screen with a blinking cursor or the loading bar (which appears even when booting in verbose) you might have a WindowServer crash. To confirm this, at Clover boot, go to Graphics Menu and set InjectIntel = True and FakeID = 0x12345678, this way you'll disable kext loading for the iGPU. If you can reach the desktop, then WindowServer crash is confirmed. For people with HD 530 Mobile and anyone else that encounters a black screen with blinking cursor, you need to use FakePCIID.kext and a custom injector (see below) to get around some checks in the SKLGLDriver.bundle. FakePCIID_Intel_SKL_Graphics.kext.zip You need to have FakePCIID.kext AND the above injector! @JakeLo and anyone else with working SKL graphics on their laptops: Please install and run GfxBench Metal benchmark and see if you can run it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gfxbench-metal/id1044629456?mt=12Go to select test and leave only one test check, you don't need to go through all of them if it works. If it crashes on your machine, congratulations, METAL isn't working on your system, 10.12 is supposed to use Metal instead of OpenGL for animations (this remains to be seen though). If it works, congratulations again, could you provide a IOReg/IOJones dump of your system? Open IORegExplorer / IOJones, run the bench again (say the first test) then save the ioreg dump and post it here or PM it to me. Thank you.
  10. I found online some references to the fact that battlenet games use Metal instead of OpenGL on 10.11 by default. And right now, MTLDriver isn't working, I'm still digging in the code to see what happens, but unfortunately the crash information i get when running GfxBench Metal is minimal and not enough to understand what is going on. But at least i managed to get a skylake desktop user to test if MTL is working on their machine.... So, although we have QE/CI, considering Apple's aggressive movement towards their proprietary Metal API, we need to get this working as well... For example, i can't use Safari or anything that uses the safari webkit engine to display data (App Store to name one - the html display section of the window is just black) not sure if its MTL related or something else. Oh, funny thing though, Heroes of the Storm works perfectly (dare i say i have more FPS on OS X with iGPU than on Windows - which is strange to say the least). Edit: Use the method described in this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/310013-hp-envy-17-6700hq-intel-hd-530-partially-working/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2231753instead of the patched binary.
  11. Thanks. On windows the score is around 45-50. I see you have battle.net installed, do you by chance also have hearthstone installed as well? If so, are you experiencing low fps no matter the quality settings?
  12. Based on the check i've patched, Intel HD 515 (191e) cards should be working out of the box, no need for this kext, same goes for HD 520 (though i'm not exactly sure of this). The binary is large and (obviously) obfuscated, i can only learn so much from it, especially with my limited knowledge in assembly code. However, if someone can confirm or infirm that they don't have working QE/CI for HD 515/520 and the above kext does nothing, i'll patch one for their specific cards. As for the HD 510 one, no idea. I've look a bit at the linux drivers for skylake graphics, there are some differences between mobile and desktop GPU, but don't quote me on this as I didn't really document myself much.
  13. The artifacts seem to be caused by something else loading post-boot. Depending on how it initializes the artifacts are present. Either way, i've set the menubar to dark so they don't bother me anymore. I'm glad it's working. But something still isn't right, at least for me, benchmarks are showing halved scores for the HD 530* but it reports it as Intel Iris Pro 580, the binaries show that 191b is defined as such. Besides this, I tried playing Hearthstone, FPS is around 10-15, basically what i'd get with no GPU. Right now i'm suspecting another kext to be at fault for that, maybe MTLDriver (the new OpenGL replacement from Apple). I'm curious, could you try this benchmark http://www.maxon.net/products/cinebench/overview.htmland report what the OpenGL score is? * Compared to windows, compared to OS X they are in the range of other bench results i found for HD 530. So, assume the current OpenGL implementation for Skylake needs improvement on macs? I tried benching using gfxbench Metal, didn't work. The crash suggests MTLDriver needs to be patched as well...
  14. I've managed to patch AppleIntelSKLGraphicsGLDriver.bundle to stop the WindowServer crash/hang. It's patched for mobile HD 530 (191b), feel free to try it. Issues I've found so far: graphic artifacts on the left side of the menubar, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16173714/AppleIntelSKLGraphicsGLDriver.bundle_v3.zip __________________________________ LE: I recommend using FakePCIID.kext and the injector attached below. It does the same thing the above kext does, but it's update proof and it eliminates possible conflicts that the patch may have with other kexts. This is the non altered GLDriver file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/duasv3t8ue9zdgz/AppleIntelSKLGraphicsGLDriver.bundle.zip?dl=0 FakePCIID_Intel_SKL_Graphics.kext.zip If for some reason using the FakePCIID method actually causes problems, please report.