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Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

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I'm fairly new to OSX and therefore I don't know much about it, especially commonly used keyboard shortcuts (like windows has ctrl+alt+delete, alt+f4, etc...) I'm sure a lot of other members of this forum are in a similar situation as well. I believe we could all benefit from getting to know OSX a little better. So if you know any Shortcuts, Tips or Tricks - please share them! :) Maybe even the experts will learn a thing or two new!


I know two of my own.


Holding shift while minimizing or restoring an application from/to the dock will make it go in slow motion.


Apple + Q is a shortcut for quitting out of programs

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I use QuickSilver (freeware application) and create triggers to open all of my programs. I have a special formula that goes like this:


Shift + Cmd + first letter of name of program. So, for Safari, shift+cmd+S, for NewsFire, shift+cmd+N, and so on. It works because I have yet to come across conflicting letters. If I ever do, though, I thought I would just switch from shift+cmd to shift+option for the rest. Pressing the combination while the program is open will just switch to it, so that's useful also.

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cmd + Esc opens Front Row

cmd + space bar = clicking spot light

cmd + tab list applications currently in use

cmd + F5 opens/closes voice over

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Pretty sure this thread has been done before.....


Think Mark


Well my search didn't turn up any results and I didn't see any current threads going on about this topic so I figured I could make one..





And thanks everybody for their tips so far! I never knew how to screen capture on a mac before, without using another program like snap and drag. :P I mean, theres no Prnt Scrn button on the keyboard!

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theres no Prnt Scrn button on the keyboard!


That's because Print Screen has no business taking a picture of the screen and storing it in memory to be used in some arbitrary manner. I never did get why PC keyboards have keys that don't do what they say -- obviously left-overs from the "old" days, but still ...




ctrl+ scrolling your mouse-wheel zooms in and out of your screen. Great for using photoshop or other programs where you may need precision control ... or for seeing text a bit bigger if needed.


cmd+ clicking a stack will open it up in a finder window instead of expanding it.


cmd+shift+4 will let you take a snapshot of an area you select

and cmd+shift+4 then pressing spacebar will let you take a snapshot of whatever window you click on

and cmd+shift+3 will take a screenshot of the entire screen


ctrl+arrows changes spaces in the direction you press

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spacebar = quicklook

highlight multiple files + quicklook = slideshow or tile layout in quicklook

ctrl + scroll wheel = zoom screen

Hold shift while an effect happens to watch it in slow motion (ie shift+dashboard, shift+stacks, shift+minimize, etc)

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