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  3. Problem solve, Looks like i have a half working? Faulty wifi card. Change it to AR5BXB92 AR9280 ABGN and shutdown works again. Thanks for the advice guys Especially maleorderbride-san
  4. Update* I realize if i first have the computer to sleep and then shutdown, the cold boot is gone. Power management problem?? reinstall or repatch DSDT?
  5. Ok back.... Let's just say my mobo is not faulty what could be the problem causing the restart loop? Update: if you want my system.log please let me know.
  6. I was going to ask this If or after I get the shutdown problem fixed but looks like support may take a while. I was having problem with checking bad block on a 1T Hard Drive on USB3.0 with TechTool pro 4.6. It will automatically disconnect in the middle of the task. Does it happen to you too? Please let me know. Thanks
  7. Just tried it on Win7, First it was ok, but when i restart a few time, the problem came. Installed EvoReboot but no luck. Contacted gigabyte support. I may have a faulty Mobo?
  8. Tried it, Boot faster but still restart after shutdown. What method did you use to install your osx? What Bios are you currently using? How many memory and HDrive do you have in your mobo at the moment?
  9. Could you please post your dsdt so i can test? Thanks
  10. mine too works in a very very very blue moon. Any solution you've got?
  11. Will definately try that, but since i have 0 knowledge of DSDT, Might have to research more of that. My problem was definitely cause by wireless card or converter? This is what I have Mini PCI to PCIx1 Converter Apple Atheros AR5008 AR5BXB72 300M 802.11ABGN wireless card After disconnecting the PCI card, it shutdown perfectly... Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Yes i have tried both PCIx1 slot both same result. Will have to read more about dtds... I have 0 knowledge of it Any more suggestion will be appreciated.
  13. Yes! Thank you, I mean it is not a good thing and I am sorry we both had the same problem, Mine too on post 480 From what I know it was cause by me adding a wireless card Posted here. But if you didn't change hardware it might be a chameleon or osx86 problem? OK, this is what i know, 1, Not Bios, I have reset, reflash to FA, FD, Back to FE not fix. I even tried all optimize option. Which render my OSX.6.6 went bad. 2, OSX86, reinstall all new with multibeat ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]), and kakewalk. even tried the old by hand all terminal way, no joy. 3,Window7 boot from disk 2 work, shutdown no problem. Which might mean it was cause by osx86? compatibility? Will update more result of my experiment.
  14. Sorry if this doesn't apply, Since there are no motherboard category in this forum and most GA-X58A-UD3R read from here, I tried to post here too. Original tread here. I have fix my shutdown problem, Seems i have a bad install. Now everything works, reboot, sleep, shutdown(kinda) restart bluetooth recognize apple keyboard, compatible card that recognize as airport etc. Just one problem.... I just bought a MiniPCI to PCIX1 card for the airport extreme card. Everything work so far except i can't shutdown the computer now. It will cold boot after the power LED went out for 3 sec.
  15. Update, tried booting into Win7, Same problem, cold boot after 3 sec, Found that this only happen when computer is up for half an hour or so. If it only up for 10 min, it will shut down ok. Hardware prolem? Bios settings problem? (will try optimize settings) Too many Memory? (some tread saying this, will try taking some off?) But when pci slot is not used, it doesn't cold boot. No one has this problem?