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  1. shishnit

    No destination to install leapord

    Underwoodmatt, I'm in the EXACT same scenario you're in, however when I tried to unmount the partition, all of the options are still greyed out. Was there anything else you did besides unmount? *edit* I got it working too again, just had to exit disk utility after I unmounted, and went as far back as I could in the OS X installation then came back and options were available. One thing I dislike about mac, is everything is a guessing game on how to get things working, like unmounting the partition. Who knew that would get things ungreyed out?
  2. shishnit

    About this Mac

    Earlier I posted that it works, but yes it only works for showing the stock speed, nothing about over clocking or under. It's still better than showing x.x ghz unknown proccessor though.
  3. shishnit

    About this Mac

    Works great, thanks!
  4. shishnit

    Accused of Cockiness

  5. shishnit


    Not sure if this has already been posted, or how long it has even been up, but I noticed today demonoid is back up, after months of being shut down.
  6. I get excited easily so it still might not work, but I believe I finally found my problem trying to install OSX.

    Did you end up buying a motherboard? How is your hackintosh coming along?