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Suggestions required before i buy a new rig~

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Ok here it is,

i m buying a new rig and i want it to run Windows Vista as well as Mac OS X.


Current specs are as follows~


P4 Intel 3.06 ghz

Asus P5RD1 VM Motherboard

1.5 gig ram

ATI Radeon 200 inbuilt gfc card




I want to buy this~


Intel Core2Duo E6550 Processor

XFX 650i-Ultra Motherboard

ViewSonic VA1912WB 19' Widescreen

Transcend 2 x 1 GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM

XFX GeForce 8500 GT 256MB PCI-Express DirectX®10 Graphic Card



I want suggestions on , will it work with both Vista as well as (more importantly MAC OS X)

Secondly, if any one has a cheaper but better suggestion, thanx ;)


~ .IJ.

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Don't get that motherboard. I would recommend the DFI Blood Iron. In buyings thought and recs. you can see my thread on it. And that video card is not supported. Only the 8600 the 8800gts and 8800gtx/ultra are for the 8000 series. I would go with the 7900gs or gt. Make sure that you get a card with 256mb vram.

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your hackintosh won't be super with AMD.

Closer you can get to Apple hardware, the better compatabillity you will have.

Yes there is an AMD Disk, but you will always have to wait for hacks for updates,etc.

With C2D based CPU and PC_EFI, you can basically update it as if it was a Mac, in cases where your hardware is a very close match with Apple hardware.

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The ASUS P5K-E WIFI is a great board. Wake from sleep works. LAN works. Sound out works. SATA works. Firewire works. USB works.


Not sure why it didn't make the ~pcwiz list. Lots of happy users here with some version of it.

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AMD Athlon 64 AM2 5600


ASUS M2N-E AM2 nForce 570


GeForce 8600GTS 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16



Will that be compatible with the New AMD iATKOS dvd, or ToH RC2 ?


cuz i m loving that config myself, cuz it just comes under my budget, or any one of u wanna suggest me a config under 800 bucks for evrything, processor to monitor :S

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UHHHH, making one topic for the information i can find myself is bad enough, i see, well i looked at the HCL, but i was confused between amd or c2d k?


secondly i was worried coz i want to install MAC OS X and Vista both, if it would have been Vista only, i wouldnt even have made a single topic, but its for Mac so i want help.


Making multiple topics for the same just shows how "HELPING" the forum is, i didnt get satisfactory answer with one topic, so i had to make another.

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