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  1. Hey Mal, can you help me with this setup? its a i5-8600k, Z370m-d3h with a AMD 56 Vega.. thing is it won't even boot gets stuck during loading.. What do I need to change to get it working..? Edit, think i found the issue. CSM was enabled by default, and thats f*cks {censored} up its working now thanks in advance.. origin.zip
  2. Tried all teh combinations from there, no luck :s you got any idea what to do next?
  3. Mal, i still have an issue with one of my systems, all works fine, except bluetooth is not finding any devices. any idea on how to fix this? In using an BCM943602BAED/DW1830 which should work.. https://stack.yoyellow.nl/s/yGwmUJGjUi9gxGO https://stack.yoyellow.nl/s/oq3cUkP1DjMg3Eq
  4. I tried this, and it does work, sort of.. it boots but doesn't to go desktop, i can get into the system via screen sharing and got this dump, but i wouldn't call it a working system https://stack.yoyellow.nl/s/Cfw9gZrLqLQ5X08
  5. HI Mal. I have this NUC DC3217YE that i would like to use. Right now i have 10.13.3 installed and it boots with the *eugh* ##### usb mode. not with the clover folder you provide in this thread. I hope you can create a working clover folder for me Edit; hmm seems i cant attach files at this time, probly due to forum upgrade.. file is found here: https://stack.yoyellow.nl/s/eaWoa1mMaMGvH8U
  6. Hey Mal, I got another Hack that needs some magic: A GA-Z87MX-D3H board with a i5-4670K 16GB ram and a Nvidia GTX 770 2GB; Archief.zip
  7. YoYelloW

    dual DP screens not working.

    Yes i now have it working. The trick was to run the AGDPfix app and boot the system with 1 screen of, when the system is booted i can connect the second screen and everything works.
  8. YoYelloW

    dual DP screens not working.

    I just figured out that booting with just 1 screen works on all 3 ports, so they do work individually, but now when they are both connected...
  9. YoYelloW

    dual DP screens not working.

    I have been trying to get this to work by adding some ports in the KextsToPatch in the clover config. so far no result. From what i have found now the default ports are all DP in the config, and these can be changed by pathing them. This would mean thati do not need changes as i actually do have 3 DP ports. I have tried with and without intel inject, added the ig-platform-id. i tried removing IntelGraphicsFix.kext, no changes.. Still only 1 screen survives mac os boot... and i cant figure out why the other ones goes black... anyone got ideas?
  10. Hi. I'm using a HP Z240, running 10.13.2. It works, but I only get video on 1 screen. Im using 2 fullHD screen over DisplayPort. 1 works and the other one does not work, only during clover it shows a mirrored screen, during boot it goes to sleep. The Motherboard is somewhat special of the Z240 SFF, it only has 3 Displayports as video out. Im not using a gfx card, just the intel graphics of the i7 6700, thus a 530. I found this post describing some information regarding the video out ports, but so far I haven't figured out how to change this. Right now im using a clover folder from Maldon, he could not help me with the 2nd DP. I figured I have to change the ports using KextsToPatch in clover but im not sure exactly how. if someone can help me or give me pointer it will be much appreciated.
  11. The thread sure helps, but im not sure how to edit these ports, is this dome in the DSDT or with a config.plist...
  12. i found this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/324503-dual-screen-not-working/which talks about changing the output ports. but im not sure how to change these (maybe you know this?) Reading the ioreg, i see that it "thinks" it had HDMI and DVI ports as well, but they are not present on the board. only 3 DP ports..
  13. Maldon, i have created new ioregs etc.. The second screen still does not work with the new latest clover you send... as said before this board only has 3 display ports...