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  1. This must not be working very good. I submitted all of my hardware including the 8800GT the DFI Lanparty BloodIron, and a ton more. Not a darn this was posted. I filed them when this was first opened up and taking submissions as well. I hope you guys didn't somehow lose all these submissions, I really don't feel like filling the forms out again for something that might or might not get posted. No offense I love insanely mac but this doesn't seem to be turning out so well.
  2. I submitted a handful of things, but haven't seen the list updated since it's been posted. Wiki was instant, but I guess thats not the biggest issue. Looks good all in all, really like the new look. *except for those ugly google ads for pystar in the top banner, they need to be framed or relocated IMO. But I understand someone gotta pay the bills
  3. strangedaze

    Taking my Macbook on a plane

    Game: World of Goo TV Show: Time Warp, or whatever you like. I find Movies to be to long and can sometimes even drag a flight out.
  4. @replicant: Correct the Mira does work but it does not have multiple remote capabilities which isn't a problem unless you want to use a harmony and more then 6 buttons. I decided to build my own apple receiver, stay posted if your interested I'll have some pictures and results.
  5. Got my receiver today (ehome 2005) so far it's quite confusing and looks like I need to soak a lot of time into it. Right away it recognized the harmony as a "apple remote" utilizing Remote Buddy software. The problem is I don't want this big multi button remote to be cloning, a 5 button remote Anyone has any ideas? I wish I could use the Remote Buddy drivers as a passthrough and use either key commands or the built in harmony support in Plex.
  6. strangedaze

    nVidia GPU temperature monitor ?

    the only thing i can think of is vmware fusion with a windows install and a monitor app.
  7. strangedaze

    Nvidia GT200 Series ?

    Hey guys there's a new snow leopard beta out with primitive GT200 series drivers. Not sure how much you guys are will to experiment but I'd look at one of the how to guides on installing snow leopard beta on a hack and see what happens. Nothing to loose if you have a spare hd! Anyone experiment with these drivers yet btw? @rama: Don't get down, your very close to getting a fix soon in my prediction. As for the resolution problem ask a few guys around here that have figured it out how they did it. ResX isn't going to do the slightest if you don't have any support for the card (even if it's botched support)
  8. No one interested in this? BTW remote receiver, case, and harmony 550 should be here wednesday. PS: Audio figured out for the most part.
  9. Quick update, I just ordered a eHome OVU400301 receiver. Hopefully it will be here by Wednesday and the remote should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'll report back with my results, and hopefully will be able to upload a key mapping for anyone else who wants to use this method. FYI the receiver only cost $20 shipped IMO should be a really good deal if all works out. Question: I have digital out and all the other outputs/inputs working on the sound card with standard kext. But AC-3 isn't working anymore and I can't figure out why, I think I need to install a patched HDA kext for that feature. I want my audio to read: Device ID: 0x8086293E Audio ID: 889 But system profiler is actually showing 2 audio cards both 889's but with different Device ID's and different trees.... pretty funky.
  10. So I just ordered a Logitech Harmony 550 for my new HTPC mac build, and just realized when they say "mac/pc" compatible they mean only for setting up the remote or for controlling with OEM Apples with IR receivers. Thats not good for osx86..... HTPC Consist of: DFI Dark Lanparty (basically the DFI Blood Iron) Intel E5200 ATi HD 2600XT 1TB Samsung HD 2GB 1066mhz DDR2 Boot 132 method full support chameleon boot loader w/DSDT patched running 10.5.6 digital out via COAX or Optical is working perfect and AC-3 6 channel Dolby Digital working great. 46" LN46A550 I really want to get this working, and any help is appreciated. I will also report back with testing results, so anyone else out there can make use of this thread. I'm confident this remote will work, I can figure out key mapping if I can locate a IR receiver to pick up signals. What I know about this remote so far: -Works with all OEM macs that have a built in IR receiver -Will work with Remote buddy, XBMC(Plex), and Front Row. Since it also works with Remote Buddy via custom key mapping this means you can control almost every other software compatible with remote buddy(300+ apps) As far as IR receivers go I have a suspicion the eHome windows USB receiver should work since it works flawless with the OEM Apple Remotes and Remote Buddy. I've looked all over the place but can't find a decent place to buy this receiver though. It might be worth a try giving Dell Parts Outlet a call to see if they have any in stock. IRtrans is another possibility but they're overpriced and only sold overseas imo. It might be possible to purchase a mac mini IR board and cable (internal) which from my suspicions just plug into an internal USB port on the mac mini and just pin it out to a normal USB... external or even dfi compatible internal header Also I looked into Mira's Mantra TR-1 IR receiver built for Apple Remote for Macs that don't have internal ones, and it pretty much looks like a eHome receiver repackaged. I have no way to confirm that though, I'm also a little skeptical if it will work properly without there software which I'm not trying to use since it have limited key mapping. Please recommend a proper IR receiver, I'm desperate to find something. I'm also willing to build my own if anyone knows how to do this I'd love to know. Am I missing something? Thanks for reading. I'll post a link here to my HTPC build thread once it's complete.
  11. this is a universal mac feature only mute works with digital out. ALC885 and ALC888 both work with the digital out port and fully passthrough AC3 content to capable receivers allowing for full 5.1 surround sound.
  12. Wanted to bump this to the top so anyone that needed this wouldn't miss it. Hope this helps. BTW I know this should probably go in the "installation forum" feel free to move it or copy it over there. FYI this method should work for almost all Mac compatible boards.
  13. strangedaze

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Could someone pretty please upload taruga's AppleHDA Patcher 1.20 (or latest avalible one) to mediafire/rapidshare/or any file hosting network. ALL current ones I've found are down except for 1.16 which is rather old. Thanks....hopefully someone see's this on page 195 BTW BIG thank you to taruga! :wacko: :D Found it lingering in an old post around here when his site went MIA last summer(think do to a server change) anyways here it is for anyone else that needs it. AppleHDA Patcher v1.20 (newest) FYI must be logged in to download. AppleHDAPatcherv1.20.zip
  14. So my hack is having shut down/restart problems. Sleep and everything else works %110 but for some stupid reason it will kernal panic on shutdown. This is my hardware. C2D 1.6 oc'd to 2.8ghz 8800GT G Skill 800mhz 2GB DVD drives and 750gb or hard drive space So I've never had these problems before, for a while now I've been building my own leo install disc for my computer (which helps speed and everything else ALOT) Thanks for any reply's, and if someone can help me fix this I "might" have a cool prize for ya (no joke, many people would love the prize (it has to do with computers)) -SD