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  1. elmetal

    [WTB] Intel 3945ABG

    I threw my 3945abg away when I built my hackintosh. however now I need it back and it's been too long, I can't find it. I have an acer 5610, if anyone has a 3945 from an acer that you could sell or give to me, please email me at felipefm@gmail.com thanks guys! I appreciate it!
  2. elmetal

    WTS Macbook Memory 1GB

    quite honestly I just want these to go to someone, not to waste. just pay me shipping and it's yours.
  3. elmetal

    WTB 2 GB Ram for MB

    2 1GB sticks would be preferrable.
  4. elmetal

    WTB 2 GB Ram for MB

    Let me know what you got!
  5. elmetal

    Acer 5610 available now!

    I just started up this auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:L:LCA:US:1123 for my acer aspire 5610-4648 check it out! it's only 2 months old, and I can have tiger fully working on it if you want! Thanks!
  6. elmetal

    SpeedStep GUI

    has anyone done any more development on this? maybe just a quicker step interval? I really would like that
  7. elmetal

    Intel GMA950 and 10.5.2

    hmm.. i dunno... worked perfectly for me
  8. elmetal

    Intel GMA950 and 10.5.2

    I dont know what you're talking about. if you use paulicat's GMA950Natit it works perfectly.
  9. elmetal


    sounds like a video card problem. check the osx86wiki HCL for how to get your video workin
  10. elmetal


    post your specs and what dvds you used.
  11. elmetal


    then the only way really would be to start up windows or linux (whichever one you are using to virtualize osx) and add vmware to the startup menu. but that means it'll take twice as long to boot, but it'll work..
  12. elmetal


    easy, DONT USE VMWARE. use a native install.
  13. elmetal

    uvc driver issue with leopard

    I know where you're coming from and I would love to get a fix also.
  14. elmetal

    RAM Compatibility

    unless your board supports it. I would check out the mobo's manuf. site and see. but the easy answer would be no, so you got nothing to lose
  15. I dont know, some people have them working some dont. its weird