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My New Build.


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ok so, ive been a member on InsanelyMac for almost a year now, and i love what you guys have done. now originally i had an Intel 915DUXL with pentium4 and like 512mbs of ram. so i decided to build a new computer.


im looking to run leopard on it.so anyone with experiences, help me out here.


Mobo:ECS 945GCT-M

CPU:Intel e4500 Core2Duo

Ram:Cosair DDR2 2x1GB

HardDrive:im still not sure of.

VideoCard:PNY GeForce 7300gt

Cooling:Thermatake Big water kit(Im not sure which one but i already have it installed in my curent rig)

PSU:DTK 450 W ATX power supply


any opinions will be greatly appriciated. as you can see its a very cheap build. but ive read it works good.

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Videocard is good i have the same and it works great. For my CPU i am going to Buy the Core 2 Quad Q6600

you can overclock it at 3.2 Ghz with good cooling, but idk your budget which i know is important!!!!


Good Luck with your build!!!



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i have nearly the same build cept using a nvidia 6200LE 256mb card. this box runs very well on all day no problems to note. its running 10.5.1 (brazil install) with 5.2 efi and vanilla. Sleep works. OC on this board can't be done via bios though and requires physical modding that I'm to lazy to do so thats the only knock I've found. If anyone esle has a $365 build that works well I'd like hear about it too especially if it OC well cuz I know you can squeeze out more than the 2.2 from the E4500.

1. mobo/chip combo $120

2. case/ps $ 40

3. DVD Burner $30

4. 2GB Ram $40

5. 500gb HD $100

6. videocard $35

total $365

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^ I just swapped my 945GCCT-M 2.0 for a 1.0 and I was wondering how you guys were getting audio to work on the board? Are you installing a third-party package or ...? I'm using a vanilla install of Kalyway's 10.5.1 BTW (I'm getting no audio at all right now -- see a "No Entry" icon under the volume meter when pressing the volume buttons on my keyboard)



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just a quick update as its 2 am and ive been working with this computer since i got home from school at 3pm.

The power supply was the last item i got. and it came today. i put it all together in my g5 enclosure,set up the watercooler. and installed ToH RC2. got leopard running by 5pm. took a break and got some food. started again at around 830 with the pc efi. finally figured it out. updated. very happy with the results. as im upgrading from a pen.4 and 512mbs of ram and gma900. to core 2 duo, 2gbs of ram, and 7300gt. i am very happy with the results. thanks for all your feedback.



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