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  1. I tried installing abgx360 for OS X and I ran the .pkg and it said it succesfully installed, but the application is no where to be found. When I search for it, all I get is the installer. Any idea what could be the problem?!?! Thanks!!!
  2. So I have a PC with a HP Photosmart 7960 connected via USB. The PC is wireless and my OS X computer is ethernet. Now when I go through the whole windows printer set up in OS X, my model printer is not in the list of available drivers to select from. So what I'm asking is how should I go about setting up this printer? Thank you for your help!
  3. nate256

    backing up apps

    did you legally acquire the apps you are trying to back up?
  4. nate256

    Billy Mays pronounced dead today

    You can't forget his beard!!! Now what will they Dub?!?!?!?! The sham wow guy assaulted a prostitute awhile back too! Who will sell the products?!?!
  5. nate256

    iMovie 08 Freezes When Exporting

    She has a Macbook Pro so Core 2 Duo. But When I try and open the 08 project in my 09 it says, it is not compatible with iMovie.
  6. So my friend made a slide show in iMovie 08 and when she exports it to Media Browser, it gets to like 8 min. then freezes, every time. What do you guys think could be the problem? The computer is up to date. Right now she is exporting it as i .mov movie and gonna try and burn that if it doesnt freeze on her. Maybe iMovie thinks it will not fit??? Let me know what you think Also is there a way to get an iMovie 08 project int iMovie 09?
  7. nate256

    Boot 132 Help

    When I use Boot 132, it is great when I use the Cd to boot, everything is fine!! The only problem is when I set it up to work with out the cd, I lose fire wire. That means that the kexts on the CD are working. right? What do I need to be doing, to get the kexts working with out the cd?
  8. nate256

    Risks in updating?

    I have a Bad Axe 2 Mobo with Boot-132 install and was wondering how safe it will be for me to update. Can I just software update and be done? i really wanna play the Sims 3, so I need to get to 10.5.7 Thanks a bunch guys and gals!
  9. nate256

    iChat Help

    If they did where do you go to change that setting? I couldn't find anything under preferences.
  10. nate256

    iChat Help

    So i am trying to screen share with someone, and they can see me and stuff, but I can not do it for them! Both of us are updated all the way. Im stumped to what is wrong! Nate
  11. You would be able to tell by using it for awhile, and also check to see if it has the iTunes store. Thats a big give away!
  12. nate256

    import iphone to belgium?

    I dont think you would have to pay import taxes and if you do you could send it as a gift. But iPhones (3G) on Ebay go for more than that like around 4 to start. Unless you are going with the first Gen.
  13. nate256

    MKV to DV

    How can I covert MKV to DV so I can use the video in Final Cut Pro? I need to do this ASAP!!! Thanks for your help!
  14. nate256

    Final Cut Pro Help

    If i can not select what I want from the DVD I am going to import the whole movie (in DV format) into iMovie and just click and grag the clips into a folder than put those in FCP. That should be easier than breaking them up in FCP. I think that could get anoying!
  15. They only make you put on unlimited 3G data on your line and every things else on your plan stays so your texting will not change. But I found out you MUST put data on the 3G phone, you can not take it off. They also upgraded me from 1500 texts to unlimited with out asking me but you can tell them not to do that, I kept it because i now use 3000 texts at a minimum.