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  1. Leopard Screenshots go here...

    heres my setup, it actually thinks a 1.6ghz celeron makes for a mac pro
  2. Help me get the final step done!

    That sounds like a video issue, is there any way u can adjust the v-ram in your bios? and also, what does your darwin boot-loader say before you start the boot? I had similar problems w/ my dell latitude d400.That sounds like a video issue, is there any way u can adjust the v-ram in your bios? and also, what does your darwin boot-loader say before you start the boot? I had similar problems w/ my dell latitude d400.
  3. 10.5.2 Compatible Internal SD Card Reader?

    The cheap-ass one from best buy, a dynex works 100% it sees it as usb mass storage device and mounts any card you put in it fine, just a tip.
  4. gma 950 fix for 10.5.4

    oh, my bad, i have an ecs 945gct-m with a gma 950 onboard for video, and i myself gave up on the fix, i couldn't stand the hollow drop down menus anymore, so i'm just gonna deal with 1024x768 until i find something to get it to work flawlessly.
  5. gma 950 fix for 10.5.4

    Yes, you can now have full choice of your resolution in Mac OS 10.5.4 with an intel gma 950, all you have to do is copy the kexts from the kalyway 10.5.1 dvd (all of the gma 950 + intel integrated frame buffer) to your 10.5.4 machine and delete all of the gma 950 + intel integrated frame buffer kexts from your extensions folder, then use kext helper to reinstall the 10.5.1 kexts then reboot and enjoy! *The only drawback is that the menu bar's drop down boxes DO NOT work, it just displays some of the background, but any mac user can guess which one is which though!*
  6. cheap leo mobo

    i decide to buy an iMac, NO MORE HASSLES!
  7. Asrock ConRoe 1333 D667

    actually, i decided not to return it, because talked to someone who has a working installation on the asrock conroe 1333 d667 with kalyway 10.5.1, i'm downloading it right now; just to let u know u might have to downgrade ur bios to 1.3, some people say its required
  8. My New Build.

    yeah, please keep me posted, i only have til the 17th to return the other motherboard
  9. cheap leo mobo

    do u know if its is guaranteed working with 10.5 or 10.5.1, i only have until the 17th to return my asrock
  10. My New Build.

    is that motherboard good, im trying to find a good cheap motherboard, any help?
  11. asrock conroe945g-dvi, leo 10.5.1, efi

    hey man, i have the same mobo (conroe 1333 d667) and that thing is making me really mad, if u have any luck, please tell me, u need to downgrade ur bios to version 1.3, i know this much, but so far the brazilmac installer says it has installed successfully, but it does not appear in the darwin bootloader
  12. well, i got an asrock conroe 1333 d667 for christmas and it wouldn't work for anything, i downgraded the bios, and tried all the popular installers, i even tried jas 10.4.8 that i had from another build, it froze at 55% complete,even if that would have worked id be happy, so i want to return that asrock and get another motherboard, any ideas for installer help or for another mobo, preferably under $120btw, i haven't tried iAtkos, because it can't finish the download, its stuck at 99.8%, also i haven't tried kalyway, does this installer work, anyone?
  13. Asrock ConRoe 1333 D667

    please, any help? i think im going to try the iAtkos v1.0i DVD
  14. Hi all, my brand new Asrock conroe 1333 d667 with Bios version 1.3 and celeron 420 cpu will NOT boot my successfully patched and installed Brazilmac 10.5 installation, i have tried everything, resetting permissions, setting my osx86 partition as active through terminal,etc. with no luck, does anybody have any ideas