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  1. [HELP] No sound on ALC889

    Hey the 2 kext in bluenote56 worked for me too. I tried a bunch of other Kext including GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 post install tool by Vlada but nothing seemed to work. I installed these 2 with KextWizard ran repair permissions and rebooted and sound is now working! Thanks. Used on GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 with regular F12 bios and used the basic DSDT for F12 from GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 post install tool by Vlada
  2. I just wanted to update that I am now running 10.7.5 Lion on this board using the MyHack install method and everything is working I had to find Kext for audio and Ethernet but that was all that seemed to be needed. The only thing that is not functioning correctly for me is sleep. It sleeps to where the monitors shut off but the CPU fan and case lights remain on. So if anyone has the same ECS 945GCT-M 1333 version 3 board running Lion and has proper working sleep. I love to compare setups to see if I missed something.
  3. Hey I wanted to ask if you had Lion running on this board and what kind of sleep behavior were you getting. I have Lion 10.7.5 running on ECS 945GCT-M v3 board and I can get it to sleep but when you wake it only CPU wakes video doesn't come back on. I installed the VoodooTSCSync.kext but it made no difference. Any other tips you could pass on would be appreciated. Other details on my system are Myhack install method, E8400 cpu with Nvidia 7300gt video, patch DSDT with maldon auto patcher for this board. Using Graphics enabler= Yes and npci=0x2000. Sleep is just one of this details that just bugs you until you can get it sorted so I'm on a mission to get it figured.
  4. [SOLVED] [Issue] Mac OS X Lion Audio

    I had similar issue and no amount of switching usb ports would allow for my USB headset to be recognized or hear sound or use mic. I found this interesting article online http://openradar.appspot.com/11427549 about AppleUSBAudio.kext lacks valid OSBundleCompatibleVersion key / 10.7.4 (11E53) so I tried rolling back this kext to earlier 2.7.9 version and rebuilt cache repaired permissions etc. reboot. Went to sound prefs and BAMM! USB Headset is now recognized and working. This was on a Dell d630 Laptop running 10.7.4 Lion hope it helps someone.
  5. Hackintosh on a Lenovo G570...Can it be done?

    Hey that boot error I believe is related to the newer drives having a different boot sector size and you have to use terminal to manually put the boot flag on it dd if=/Volumes/"yourVolumeName"/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=dev/disk0s2 the solutions floating out there check the istall guides for the HP 4530s there are probably some fixes you can borrow from it.
  6. Visit this link for latest Lion compatible components. http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/search/label/CustoMac
  7. I had this same problem too. I'm on Asus P5L-VM 1394 board with Snow Leopard 10.6.7 I have patched DSDT with Nvidia 7300GS using EFI Strings. My machine would go to sleep and funny it would wake correctly if I pressed the power button. Everything would come back video too. But if I tried to wake it with the keyboard or mouse then video would not post --the computer would wake but no video. This lead me to believe it was something USB related. I had sleep S3 only and wake on S3 set in bios. What worked for me was DISABLE Legacy USB. Once I changed that in the bios I could wake with keyboard and mouse and video would repost. Hope that helps someone out there.
  8. Osx86 - For you, but dont for me?

    Your Hardware definitely on the most challenging side of things. OSX86 is easier with intel CPU and Nvidia Video. But there are many AMD builds out there so its not impossible. I can tell you that a Vanilla install like the one you are trying to do with a retail copy of 10.6.7 is not going to work straight away. You will definitely need a different Kernel to be able to boot that install since no AMD can boot vanilla kernel. Foe me looking at your hardware I would say this would be a pretty challenging install to make work and may very well be incompatible.
  9. Not that anyone might care but I was bored today so I cloned a working SL 10.6.7 install from another box onto a box with very old hardware (Intel 945GTP with pentium 940d) just for kicks and with like 15mins of tweaking it was working pretty well. So this could probably work as a media center or webserver etc. All I had to do was use 10.6.7 legacy Kernel from nawcom and a dsdt from Dr.Hurt's GMA950 thread. Sound, onboard, video and USB realtek 8187B wireless all working. Haven't tested much else. I used Myhack 1.14 as the bootloader.
  10. Just in case anyone cares. I wanted to confirm working 10.6.7 update on ECS 945gct-m3 1333 ver3 board. I did a fresh install of retail 10.6 with bootloader myHack ver 1.14 (important to use the latest ver of this bootloader and check the IOATAFamily.kext option under customize) then I used PCwiz DSDT GUI patcher to give me an DSDT.aml for my board I added it to the EXTRA folder and I also added EFI string for my video card to the com.Apple.Boot.plist and put that in the Extra's foler aswell. Once all this was done and I had a working bootable copy of 10.6 I used Carbon Copy Cloner to make a copy to another HD incase I messed up going to 10.6.7 I could go back to this point without going through all the initial work again. (remember if you have to restore from your backup you need to run the myHack bootloader on the drive to which you restored since the hidden boot sector doesn't get copied over). Then I downloaded the 10.6.7 combo update from apple and ran it. IMPORTANT do NOT RESTART after the installer is done. The 10.6.7 has replace USB related kext that will cause USB not to work and they need to be "rolled back" IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext need to be replaced by the previous versions from 10.6 in my case. Also IMPORTANT is I was unable to boot the vanilla 10.6.7 kernel. I had to use the patched 10.6.7 made by Nawcom (just google for it) remember to rename it to mach_kernel or to specify to use it with whatever it is named at your bootloader screen. Once I replaced those 3 things I was able to re-boot and had a working 10.6.7 system. Something I noticed through this process is that if your try to boot with the 10.6 kernel it will work but wifi was lost booting with the Nawcom patched kernel wifi worked again.
  11. "Black Ops" G4

    that is sic sic sic. let me know if you ever intend to sell one of your cases (modded for hackintosh) I'd be interested.
  12. Laptop Buying Advice

    May be I'm missing something...I love the whole hackintosh experience minus the inevitable hair pulling. But once you start to get into the $800-$900 dollar range shouldn't you start asking yourself if a genuine mac product isn't the better choice and just suck it up for the extra $200 buck and save yourself some grief. I'm all for the $399-$599 hackintosh laptops and can live with some of the minor short comings that may come with that but once I fork out $800 i want everything to work ie. sleep, graphics QE, audio, mic, SD, Video Cam, and trackpad Gestures those are great once you get the hang of them. What would be the argument for this high of a priced hackintosh?
  13. Saw this combo deal http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...mp;sku=B69-1247 googled to see if their were any hackintosh builds with this board and found only very limited info. So I thought I would post to see if anyone had any insights on the compatibility of using his setup. i understand you would need to add at least a video card.
  14. have you tried moving your USBPWR jumper? Sometimes that will get sleep working.
  15. task for a pro

    real mac motherboard in my experience at least are not easily found. many times you may have to by an entiire non working mac just to get the good board out and even then you are probably getting something last generation and not i5 or i7 so if that was the case I would just get an gigabyte i7 supported hackintosh and live with any deficiencies which will most likely be very minimal. I always throw out the caveat that if you want a real mac experience and want it FUTURE proof then your better off with a 27inch i7 imac at $1900us. But if you like to experiment and accept the learning curve however slight nowdays since hackintosh has come a long way indeed, there are still going to be quirks -- then go for it. save yourself some headache tho and build on a proven platform one where many before you have already ventured.