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Audio and Ethernet are fully working right after vanilla installation of Kalyway's Leopard!

Sleep/Wake/Shutdown is mostly working- but a little buggy.

Haven't tested time machine.

I've updated 4 things with Apple's built in updater without a problem.



Processor: Intel Q6600 Quad (L737B Batch)

Motherboard: ASUS P5K Premium Wifi

Hard Drives: TWO Raptor-X 150GB Drives, 400GB WD4000YR Storage

Memory: 4GB (2 x 2GB) Patriot DDR2-800

Graphics: Geforce 7950 GT KO

Power Supply: OCZ PowerStream 600W SLI

Optical: Samsung 20x DVD+-RW SATA


PHOTOS: Taken with iPhone.



Processor Arrives

After fighting with Fedex for a week, the processor finally arrives.

The rest of the parts I ordered via UPS, USPS and DHL had arrived last week.

This is a special 737B batch processor (often results in 3.8-4.0Ghz) which I will be overclocking tomorrow.



Thermal Grease

Time to give it a nice thin coat of high quality thermal grease.

I end up using a little less and spreading it thinner.



New Tubing

I drain my old water cooling loop and compare the stained tubing with fresh new tygon.



Loctite 242

This time around I use Loctite 242 threadlocker for peace of mind.

I also switch my barbs to D-Tek.



Leak Testing

I run my system like this for 24 hours to check for leaks.

It passes without spilling a drop.



Wiring: Close Up

I drill some small holes to run ugly wires from the back.

Zip ties are great when they can be mounted flush with the metal.



Wiring: Overview

Here is a look at the wiring at the back of the case.



Inside: Close Up

A close up of the motherboard COMPLETELY INSTALLED & wire managed!



Finished Product

Here it is, ready for action!

(You can see my reflection in the shiny black plastic at the upper right.)



OSX Leopard

Two widescreen LCDs displaying OSX.

One is horizontal. One is vertical.

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Extreme? HARDLY. =]



No, I'm joking, it's nice. How high have you gotten your Q6600?


Can you give us a CPU-Z screenshot with a 3hr Prime95 test in the background to conferm the 4GHz please


He didn't overclock it to 4 ghz, the steppings on that certain batch gives it the ability to go up to 4 ghz is what he's saying. Unless I'm misreading it.

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