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  1. scottath


    found anything out yet mate - been out of the whole osx86 loop for a good 6 months....
  2. scottath


    Let me know if you have success. I just bought the same motherboard nad CPU - i had 10.5.2 running on my old setup (current sig i think) but havent tried lately - been busy with school
  3. I've tried to install with no hdd - but i cannot even get into the installer - tried with many distros and most recently i've tried to install iPC X-DL 10.5.6 from disk and form an external hdd - but i still get stuck at the same place - i dont get anywhere near the installer.........
  4. Does anyone have a set of instructions of how to install both Windwos 7 beta (7000 build) and iPC (well any release really) on Raided drives? My setup: Asus P5E (with rampage bios) Q6600 @3.6ghz 2gb Crucial ballistix 2*640gb Samsung drives in RAID 0 ATi HD4870 How can i partition it - Mac's disk utility dosent recognise the raid setup (ICH9 hardware raid) and allows me to partition the whole disk not just a part of it...... Note: Windows 7 seems to make it's own 200mb efi? boot partition if that effects anything Can anyone assist me with this Side note - havent looked yet - but is there a kext for the HD4870? Thanks scottath
  5. Still waiting..... try this one...i'm very slowly downloading it.... http://######.com/ipcosx86/ You need to find the torrent yourself - but all the info is there. make sure you patch it fully - there are 3 patches so far Let us know how it goes..... scottath
  6. Another bump - anyone tried any of the new 10.5.x releases? [after 10.5.2] I've tried the CPU=1 on all the iso's i have, and every other parameter i have found.....
  7. Nope - i have left it for 7 hours and it will not go past this point...
  8. Bump again Just tried Leo4All v3 and still have the same problem - anyone got a old/new ACPI kext to make this CPU run on this laptop? Anyone??? :)
  9. I have seen that happen on other systems, but mine will not even get to the installer - it just stops and that's that - left it there for 3hrs once I have a problem with my bios i think - but there are no options to do with ACPI etc Can anyone help us/have the same laptop and tried another version [iatkos/Leo4All etc] that worked?
  10. scottath

    Just the fan control?

    Don't know what this relates to but: To control fans through windows use a program called Speedfan
  11. Tried that - i have tried every one of the boot parameters i can think of - x,s,v,z, every other letter..... Have tried iATKOS, Leo4All, Zepthyroths, modified iATKOS
  12. I almost got the E8400, but whent for quad because i am going to be doing some video editing - but yeah, the E8400's are cerazy overclockers Actually my system is even more powerful than what's in my sig, i just recieved 2 HD3870's for crossfire - which means i will proably sell my board for a X38 version of it Personally i have a HX-620 and it is BRILLIANT. it is dead silent to me, but that is with the rest of my system buzzing away - Highly Recommended. I don't use wireless [yet] but am looking at it. even with my 2 HD3870's there is still a PCI and 2 PCI-E slots free PM me when you get to overclocking it, got some good guides and knowledge on it with this board. [Even though i'm only 16]
  13. Hi, I've got the GA-P35-DS4 with a G0 Q6600, that i run daily at 3.6ghz under a TRUE also, My temps are very low and it is a good combination, With my board running th Q6600 at 8*450, my FSB is at 1600mhz [on a board that "MAX FSB" is 1333mhz, The max FSB is only for the processors default fsb [1333 would be the new 45nm intel chips] Ask anything else, am really good with overclocking on this board or PM me