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x200 chipset installation


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I am writing this install for the x200 chipset.

This is the way I installed on my Acer TravelMate 2450 with a Celeron M.


This does not enable QE/CI for the 200m video card. If you have the 200m video card you will need the katana package after you install the system so you can get full 1280 x 800 resolution.


This is meant for laptops


1: Download mac.nub 10.4.10 Intel ONLY x86 Install DVD v1, Rev. 5 [EN]Click Here For Details and to see if your hardware is supported.

2: Unpack zip file.

3: Burn ISO to DVD on LOWEST SPEED with your favortite buring program. I use BURNCCDC.

4: Pop in your cd drive and restart computer and hit any button you want to when it asks you if you want to install Blah Blah Blah.


5: Go to disk utility in the utilities on the toolbar.


6: Select the partition or drive you want to install to and erase and format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

7: Select the destination you want to install too.


8: Select the 8.9.1 Universal Kernal & Patches if you have a SSE2 prossesor


9: Select ATI ATA & IOATAFamily under ATA & USB controllers


10: Under Graphics Drivers - ATI - Callisto - AGPGart select Callisto b003 and and AGPGart v2.1


11: Under Audio Drivers select the one that is for your audio. For me i have realtek so i have Azalia Audio


12: Under Network Drivers select the 1st one Generic IONetworkingFamilt.kext Fix and also select 10.4.5 IO80211Family.kext


13: And leave Applications the way that it was unless you want x11


Click install and let it do its thing it should take between 20-30 minutes.


Please tell me if i missed anything. And always remember if apple asks u just say your an apple developer. ;)

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Hy I try without Callisto or APGart but the same problem, it hangs at the same point.. Any other idea?
If you could give me a link to the model and spec sheet of your computer that is in English not german i could help you a little better. Also print your spec sheet out and try to install the right audio if it is not there then when we get it to boot we can fix this. As for the graphics drivers install ati mobility support but as an upgrade not a full install so uncheck everything and only check ATI mobilty support and then try to reboot.
Thanx a lot. I have Acer 2450 too.Is it really unavailable to make QE and CI working?
Yes it is impossible at the moment (probably never) to get QE or CI working on the 200m video card. Did You get yours to boot?
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I have not been able to get my Battery status to work but the battery works so i guess thats ok but i dont know how to get the Status to work. You can not get DVD player to work because it requires QE/CI which is impossible to get working on the 200m, just use a different player for osx at the moment.

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This install has QE and CI.


This install works for ATI Chipset Xpress 1150 (notebook)


Thank you very much





I use xpress1100 and I have been searching all the internet but I CAN'T

How can you do that?

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<br />You can not get DVD player to work because it requires QE/CI which is impossible to get working on the 200m, just use a different player for osx at the moment.<br />
<br /><br /><br />


What is different player for osx realy work with x200m? Vlc don`t work....


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