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  1. well i will i was just wanting to know if this laptop was something other people were interested in.didnt want to write a whole guide if nobody was going to use it
  2. hi this is a feeler. I have an Acer 1830t that i have fully running Mavericks and Yosemite. I am wanting to know if anyone out there is interested in this model. If so ill do a write up on how it was accomplished. its a slightly older laptop but its an 11.6" so its small and light like a mac book air which is why i chose it. It just so happens to be perfect for a hackintosh. Just dont want to do a whole DIY essentially if no one is interested in this laptop. Let me know thanks
  3. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hi, Ok so i am working on an acer 1830t. i5 520um arondale It uses clover or chameleon with the same results. Graphics load and work very well. Have fixed the backlight and backlight key problems. Also have fixed the usb problems that cause wake from sleep. My issue is that once the computer goes to sleep when i wake it up the back light comes on and the computer wakes up according to the console logs but i never get anything but a litup black screen. I get this line a bunch of time in the console log. 2/3/14 12:02:08.000 AM kernel[0]: AppleIntelFramebuffer VBL interrupts lost DEISR 00000080 DEIMR 7cdfff7f DEIER 83200080 and also this 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: stampWait: Overflowed checking for stamp 0x2c0ef on MAIN ring: called from 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: timestamp = 0x2c0ee 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: **** Debug info for apparent hang in MAIN graphics engine **** 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: ring head = 0x000000e0, wrap count = 0x 0 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: ring tail = 0x00001a70 ring control = 0x00003001 enabled, auto report disabled, not waiting, semaphore not waiting, length = 0x004 4KB pages 2/3/14 12:02:12.000 AM kernel[0]: timestamp = 0x2c0ee any ideas?
  4. I5 520um hm55 chipset safemode only

    OK its solved..needed to turn on vt-d in the bios.
  5. Ok heres the story. I have an acer aspire 1830t. I had an intel i3 330m processor with original intel HD graphics. I had mavericks up and running with graphics working. The motherboard went south so when i purchased a new motherboard i upgraded to an i5 520um. Now all the hardware is the same with the exception of the i3 to i5 change. I however can now only get the laptop to boot mavericks in safe mode. When i try regular mode i get a kernel panic and no matter what flags i use i get the same kernel panic. Below is an image of the kernel panic and a dump of my system info from CPUZ. Any ideas would be great. Thanks LITTLEGUY.html
  6. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    yes i do believe this has failed, oh well i tried my best to get people on board but i guess too much strife and unease was created, in the previous attempt, to overcome it. If anyone has anything new to say on the subject let me know..
  7. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    well the total is still 30.00 no one wants to donate. @ memey that thread with the partial solution is the predecessor to this thread. We are what are left. that thread ended cause of drama but we had already figured out that a modified frame buffer is required for our gma5700s, thats what the donations are for. The hacker who is willing to help does not have a laptop with a 5700 in it. I asked if others could test the the kext as he wrote it but he explained in detail some of which i didn't understand cause it was over my head, It boiled down to he needed the laptop to do some testing on the input and output from the display, like he needed to actually take the laptop apart and test something electrical inside. So he actually needed the laptop in front of him
  8. Intel GMA HD Problem 0x0046 Resolution?

    Hi their the 0046 is the gma5700 their is are two threads that revolve around the gma5700 but the long and the short of it is we cant get qe / ci or native resolution with out a framebuffer kext being hacked to work with this card. the current thread about the gma 5700 can be found at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=271175 hope this helps ease your mind some basically get used to it not working for now
  9. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    well i guess u all have given up, i will keep accepting donations but if no one is willing to donate then i cant do much more. At least i know that i tried, and i donated my time and a little money so my conscious is good with that.
  10. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    i can only do what i can do aside from paying for the thing myself which i cant do. I have talked to moderators and tried to get people to donate but with out donations we are stuck. Alex can write the kext more than likely but doesnt have our laptop. So if people want this to get off the ground then they need to stop watching and actually contribute something so that we can get this going. Come on people whats ten bucks a pizza. It really doesn't take much. What i really cant figure out is why the people that donated the first time are unwilling to donate this time they had more than half last time.
  11. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    custom resolution is not possible without a frame buffer kext which is what needs to be written. However the only person volunteering to write the kext does not have access to a gma 5700, precisely what the donations are for. We need enough donations to purchase a test laptop so that he can write the kext. As of today their is still only 30.00 in donations.
  12. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    Thanks for re-posting on tonymac..Daily update 30.00, i thought the email to the original donators would have helped. I m sure it will work out i have faith, and i really dont want to buy a new laptop as im sure all of u dont either.
  13. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    ok guys heres the daily update, were still holding firm at 30.00. i just emailed all the original donators and let them know, incase they weren't on here, that this forum is here and that we are again trying to take donations. Hope everyone had a good vetrans day
  14. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    ok that sounds good...I had only gotten one donation other than mine which is why i wasnt updating every day.
  15. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    ok everybody as of today its 30.00 worth of donations.. I didnt expect a ton all at once but thought wed get more than that...It doesnt take much and maybe we cal have an early xmas gift