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Video Card Recommendations (for Tiger + Leopard)

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I am planning on building a hackint0sh and I need recommendations on a video card that is fully working with Leo and Tiger. Right now I'm leaning towards a BFG or XFX GeForce 7600GT 256MB. Please, any suggestions?



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I need something with decent gaming performance so 7300GS I don't think will work.


I am thinking about a X1600. Right now on my PC here I have an X1650 Pro and it has very good performance. But then again, 7600GT has better perf than X1600 and the price difference is minimal.


So PLEASE if anyone has an 7600GT working in Leopard TELL ME.


I am also considering the ASUS EN7600GS SILENT...I don't know if that works with Leopard either.


I know that both 7600 GT and GS work in Tiger but the question is do they work on Leopard.

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