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  1. Excellent work! Worked perfectly for my Acer 8735, now its a complete 18.3" monster macbook pro clone! Thanks for your hard work!
  2. Delete NVEnabler kext. Using GraphicsEnabler in Boot.plist does the job.
  3. AUDIO

    I have the same board, mine sharing how exactly you bin patched in Snow's AppleHDA please??
  4. Just FYI, vanilla speedstep and sleep are working flawlessly (for me) without AppleLPC loaded. As for the Automatic restart after power failure, I don't really need that either. Thanks again for all the hard work.
  5. Incredible work! Just wanted to say thanks to all who contributed!! Works perfectly on my Gigabyte G31M-S2L/E6300 with 10 P-States. Just curious, AppleLPC is not loading for me, what exactly is AppleLPC for?
  6. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Partitioning with GUID partition type is what causes the EFI partition to be autocreated.
  7. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    What part are you having a problem with? If you follow whats said exactly, it will work. Go into your Vanilla folder, in EFIKexts and edit the plist of UUID.kext and replace 002185E6B266 with your ethernet mac addy, then run update.sh. After reboot, you can verify it took your change by looking in system profiler hardware overview, you'll see the uuid listed.
  8. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    <edit>Nevermind, I found I could use your dsdt straight up on my wind and everything works perfectly. Not sure why mine was missing the LAN0 entry, and when I tried to insert only the LAN0 entry I got 50+ compile errors throughout my whole dsdt.</edit>
  9. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Awesome work Dalton, just followed your guide for a U100 wind. All working without a hitch. Props.
  10. Slow AFP authentication?

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  11. Slow AFP authentication?

    Im having the same issue in the same scenario you are...I think its a regression in SL. No clue how to fix it though.
  12. Also, some people (like myself) can currently only boot in 64 bit mode. I'm getting a kernel panic right at the beginning of boot in 32 bit mode...
  13. FYI, Your 64 bit R1000 kext doesn't work for me in x64 mode even with manual ip settings...
  14. Intel GMA X3100

    Something in the FB memory allocation has changed after 10.5.2 and newer...I've been looking into this but I haven't found anything yet.