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Whats coming in the next version and feature requests

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Input Remapper is in need of an update to support newly released hardware and fix outstanding bugs. The work is ongoing but will need some more time. Right now it looks like a new version might be possible sometime in the beginning of 2008.


Please add any feature requests you have to this thread and I will update this post with them.


The next version will include:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Support for hardware backlight for NVidia and Intel graphics chipsets.
  • Support for remapping keys not handled by the Windows default keyboard stack, such as eject buttons, and multimedia keys.
  • Support for manually adding support for similar hardware by adding device ids (such as the new apple keyboards).
  • Support for customizing and creating new simplified configuration dialogs such as the MacBook Keyboard settings dialog. Language specific support. This would allow users to add new support that can later be included in the official version.
  • Support for different remappings for different keyboard.

A future version could include:

  • Plugin support for controlling custom hardware such as screen backlights and keyboard backlights.
  • Mac OS X version.

Feature requests:

  • TBD

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feature request:

- "auto-backlight-dimming" (like osx) after x minutes afk

- "one-button-changing" from fn+fxx to fxx and vice versa

- fan-control profiles (perhaps also somekind like "battery-in-use" fan@yyyy speed, "ac-in-user" fan@zzzz speed)

Any chance I could just have the fan control part... and have both fan speeds changed together? I don't want the remappings (Boot Camp 1.4 does them fine for me), I don't like to see the remapping config window every time I boot into Windows and as far as I'm concerned, everything apart from the fans just works without I.R.


But thanks for providing so far the only thing I can find that can control the fans in Boot Camp.

I would really like to see the ability to change the lower left keys of the new slim aluminum wireless keyboard in Windows XP. I use that keyboard on my PC (using synergy, awesome!) as well as on my MBP and I would truly love to see the ability to change the FN key into CTRL, Apple into ALT etc.



I haven't looked into how these device drivers work but I would think that the best idea would be if people could just remap the whole keyboard to be whatever they want it to be. Some Games for example always have the console on the `~ key and cannot be remapped in the app or config of the game itself but the BootCamp driver mixes keys up so my german BT wireless Alu keyboard does a < instead, which sucks.


any idea when you can get the new version out? Make it shareware for a decent price I don't mind, as long as I can get my hands on it soon!! :unsure:

hi, i got myself a macbook a few weeks ago after my vaio died.


and today i found this tool. great thing. works perfectly.


installed without any problems on the following:


macbook 13" 2.18ghz, 2gb ram, 160gb hdd etc...

got leo 10.5.1 running and with vmware, whilst needing a few windows apps booting up the boot camp 2 partition within leo without problems. this tools works amazingly great while the macbook runs windows xp sp2 german natively too.


the only thing which is a little bit disturbing is the input remapper config page which keeps popping up after loging into windows.

I really need three things:


1) Better, smoother and more OSX-like scrolling on the touch pad in XP. It's REALLY bumpy right now, and makes the feature quite unuseable.


2) Tap-click function on the touchpad in XP would also be FANTASTIC!


3) I second the feature with auto-dimming in XP like in OSX. It really saves power on our batteries, aswell as for our environment!


Thanks for a super program btw!

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FEATURE Request...


I've actually been using InputRemapper to Emulate LCD ShutOff when the LID is closed on my MBP


MBP+Nvidia8600 has an issue under bootcamp where LCD does not shut off when the lid is closed.


So therequest is, 1 button LCD + Keyboard Shut off / Wake up macro...this way if i'm going to sleeep or something, I can just press fn+f10 (as an example) and to that again in the morning to wake it back up.


Thanks Beliyaal.... yer program rocks.

Hi Beliyaal,


you mentioned that you are not planning to write a new touchpad driver, but can you pinpoint me to a direction which driver(s) one would have to replace? I guess you have some experience there :)

Not being able to tap the touchpad to click is really annoying and i have somehow given up the hope that apple will do anything about that. Since the linux (synaptics) driver for the touchpad seems to work quite well i figured this might be a good base to start out with.


Greetings and thanks for your great work with the InputRemapper!

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I recently upgraded to Vista on my notebook, and am really impressed to see how far along Input Remapper has come! The level of control over the light sensors is fantastic.


The one thing that I would love to see added is a sensor "debounce" feature. Average the ambient light over the last "n" seconds (where n is an adjustable slider) so momentary changes due to screen flickering and hand movement don't cause the screen brightness to jump around.


Personally, instead of the current "sliding" level scale, I'd like to have the option to just have a "dark" and "light" preset. Dark = screen dims, keyboard backlight comes on. Light = display on at full brightness, no keybaord backlight. The "min and max" trigger points could be used a low and high marks - We don't switch to dark mode until it is darker than the minimum setting. But we don't switch back to light until it is brighter than the max setting. That, again, prevents the irritating "bouncing". Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

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I tried Input Remapper on my Penryn MBP (OSX, Vista) and ended up using KeyTweak instead. But I like most of what IR does especially Fn-Eject = PrntScrn


The one thing it's lacking is a single keystroke forward delete. I would really like to see the following:


Eject = forward Delete

Fn-Eject = PrntScrn

Eject goes the way of the Dodo (just right click on the drive icon)


I ended up using KeyTweak to make the single quote below tilde be Forward Delete. It's not optimal but at least I can delete emails w/o having to set my coffee down!!!!!



PS. I don't ever want to hear another person tell me that the MacBook is better designed than the ThinkPad!!!!

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First and foremost, God Almighty has put you on this Earth and made you special for being able to tame the beast that is my overheating machine! It's been killing over without the fans even coming on since I bought it in Vista, and I feared that it would eventually loose it's battle with heat. I don't have words to express my gratitude.


That being said, I do have a feature wish list...


1. Fan profiles!

2. Profiles to allow me to quickly change features based on power consumption needs.

3. If all else fails, a Perl API to allow me to read data from the program and write them to the program, so that I can create them myself.


Okay, I admit it, that third one is a little out there, but the other two are really valid needs.


Thanks again. I don't know how you did it, but it's amazing:)

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Can you add support to restore the lost numeric key configuration in the new MBP's? The newest MBP's lost the num-lock key and the embedded numeric key overlays. Much appreciated. Ideally, it would be great to have the option to enter the 10 key equivalent while pressing the 'Fn' key.

Please do *not* implement the "keep mappings with a USB keyboard plugged in" request! - or at least make it an option that can be turned off. The USB keyboard is my failsafe in case some mapping goes awry, or IR blows up for some reason and all keyboard input gets refused and I can't even log in.


I like the idea of re-adding a NumLock key for the newest MacBook Pros, but can't that already be done with the custom key mapping?


My feature suggestion: get the Eject functionality working for people that don't run as an Administrator in XP. It's never worked for those of us running as a regular limited user.


I like the "debounce" suggestion too.


Thank you for a fine program.

I like the idea of re-adding a NumLock key for the newest MacBook Pros, but can't that already be done with the custom key mapping?


I was not able to remap the 'j', 'k', 'l', 'u', 'i', 'o' and 'm' to convert to numeric pad key equivalents with 'Fn' key with the current version. Please advise if there is a way to do this. Thanks.

hi belyjaal,


it would be great if you could add a way to disable the SMC control in the next version, to avoid any conflicts with bootcamp, just in case someone decides to stick to bootcamp drivers for smc control and use InputRemapper purely for remapping the keyboard. Currently it seems to interfere even if I disable all checkboxes 'control screen/keyboard backlight'. See my previous post:





If it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'd like to request control for the third fan on iMac.


Also, it'd be nice if there was a way to automate the control for the fans and especially separately. Fan 0 seems to want 2300 rpm and then I can crank up fan 1 for cooling. If I increase the speed of fan 0, it seems to starve fan 1 of air and the temps actually increase. It would be great to automate fan 1 and leave fan 0 at 2300 rpm.


Anyhow, without these changes, this has been a very valuable product! Thank you so very much for your work on it.



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A fan speed only app would be lovely for us musicians, as the fan speed is persistent , poling wouldnt be needed, so we could get our best latency with cooler cpu.


(Anyway we can always set the fan speed and the quit all the 3 inputremapper instances on task manager, but then if you want to change the speed again you need to reboot, you cant just run the executable again)

A fan speed only app would be lovely for us musicians, as the fan speed is persistent , poling wouldnt be needed, so we could get our best latency with cooler cpu.


(Anyway we can always set the fan speed and the quit all the 3 inputremapper instances on task manager, but then if you want to change the speed again you need to reboot, you cant just run the executable again)


Well, I have this change:


On bootup, I have a startup script running, I added

inputremapper.exe -StopService inputremapper

to it after 14 seconds of running and also removed the inputremapper from the autorun file. This allows inputremapper to run and set the clocks. This frees the resources.


I also have a batch with a shortcut on my desktop with this:

inputremapper.exe -StartService inputremapper

inputremapper.exe -TrayIcon


This allows the program to completely restart.

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I would really love support for my iMac, so that I can set my fan speed in Windows.

Hi Erik,


Thanks so much for that great application, works better than the multi-million-dollar-company's counterpart. I am really pleased with the functionality... why can't apple hire programmers like you ?

Unlike my signature might suggest, I am using Input Remapper on a MBP 2.4 SantaRosa, not on my Hackintosh...


My most awaited and hopefully easily implemented feature (same like WhiteEagle)


- "auto-backlight-dimming" (like osx) after x seconds afk


My Battery lifetime is precious. "ohh my preciousssss"... Considering that, would it be possible to speedstep the CPU or GPU when idling ? Nvidia PowerMizer doesn't seem to work for me...

I was searching all over the place for a Hardware Independent Power Saver application, something like my Toshiba Power Saver...


Wouldn't it be worthwhile investing some time in making our battery live longer...





PS: If anyone wants to give me a hint on how to access the SMC values with VisualStudio I'd be more than helped...

edit: ... the name of the interop dllimport as a PM... :(

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