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  1. Beliyaal

    Just the fan control?

    Yes I agree, I will remove all support that interferes with BootCamp (except fan control). Remapping features will still be present, but only as manual remapping and shouldn't pose a problem.
  2. Beliyaal

    Input Remapper future

    Hello everyone. Sorry for neglecting Input Remapper for so long. To get some kind of support for newer Macs i plan to remove mac specific support from Input Remapper. The only thing I will save is support for controlling the fans, and I will try to minimize the interference with Boot Camp by only accessing the SMC when changing the settings and waking from sleep to reset the fan speed. After this is done I might add new support for a plugin system and have plugins available that implements the old Mac support. These plugins would include source code and allow other people to add specific support for new macs. This is a much larger project and I can't promise anything here. Thank you for being patient.
  3. Beliyaal

    input remapper and vista

    Then I'm at a loss. You might have to reinstall the OS. At least you are able to copy the files you need in OSX, and generally it's not a great idea to ugrade windows, rather you should do a clean install.
  4. Beliyaal

    input remapper and vista

    If you are trying to do it from OSX you need a NTFS driver: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/...n-mac-os-x.html You might be able to access the windows installation through remote desktop as well, if you had turned it on before.
  5. Beliyaal

    input remapper and vista

    You can find the file in the Input Remapper folder. Or here if you don't have it installed any longer: Input Remapper Drivers
  6. Beliyaal

    input remapper and vista

    You could try disabling the Input Remapper service in Service Manager, reboot, Delete C:\Windows\System32\drivers\InputRemapper.x86.sys, reboot, run Input Remapper uninstall, reboot and then install the latest version.
  7. Beliyaal

    Input Remapper on the MacBook Air

    I have recieved my MacBook Air yesterday. Now I just have to get around to fixing Input Remapper for it
  8. Beliyaal

    input remapper and vista

    Did you install the latest version after upgrading to Vista?
  9. Beliyaal

    MacBookPro crash when brightness changed

    Actually Input Remapper has drivers for early 2006 MacBook Pro (ATI x1600) and does not use the MACHal driver in this case. So if you use the latest version of InputRemapper this crash should not be happening. I had problems with this crash myself, and it was the primary reason I added direct support for x1600.
  10. I don't plan on changing the functionality of the touchpad as it would entail writing an entire touchpad driver.
  11. Beliyaal

    seperate fan control program?

    It's not possible without glitches because apple uses the SMB at the same time if their kbdmngr is loaded at the same time. Although you should be able to use Input Remapper for only controlling the fan speed by deleting all remapping tables, and reinstalling the apple keyboard drivers.
  12. Beliyaal

    Ability to Save Settings

    Thanks, great to know. Sound like you are on to the real cause of this.
  13. Beliyaal

    Does Input Remapper works on pc?

    I'm going to add support for the external keyboard. It takes some new features though. Right now you will not be able to do remapping, even manually because the fn key and some other keys are not recognized at all. Also your graphics hardware might not be supported, but at least the eject and sound control should be able to work in a later version.
  14. Beliyaal

    MacBook (Not Pro) Santa-Rosa Support

    1. The brightness uses Apple driver for non Radeon x1600. I hope to fix this. 2. Doesn't the control for the left fan work? 3. I think I'm going to place the configuration of the keyboard in an external file so other ppl can create layouts for their hardware. It's a bit hard otherwise, because I don't have a MacBook.
  15. Beliyaal

    Basic Install / Setup Question

    Thank you, I will add these device IDs to the next version. If you cannot wait you could search for PID_0217 in InputRemapper.x86.exe (or InputRemapper.x64.exe if you are running 64 bit os) with a hex editor and replace it with PID_0229.