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    why not buy a set of original installation discs off ebay?
  2. Help macbook refuse to install OS X

    you ought to erase that drive. get one of those thousand available free boot disks with some partitioning utility like gparted and boot of that and erase the drive. if you can't get it to boot off cd, you could, if you have a desktop / external case, take out the drive out of the macbook and connect it to sata and erase it with another os. in order to install osx it doesn't matter which os currently resides on the drive. even the filesystem is of no importance because you can, if you can boot of the osx dvd, use the hard disk utility to repartition the drive correctly (guid and hfs+) what actually happens if you turn on the macbook while holding down the alt key? okay, now i'm wondering if this problem still persists... just noticed its a bit old lol
  3. what type of filesystem do you have on that drive of yours?
  4. look: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry551699
  5. About this Mac problem and restart

    i have the same issue, but with different hardware and different osx http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=551837 there are a few hints on bios settings, check them out.
  6. pity though, with a previously tested 10.4.7 jas that worked. well, could be a kext problem... how does one fix something like that? and any idea about the realtek 8101L lan? theoretically it should work, but it doesn't.
  7. @root2: no difference... i disabled CPU Thermal Throttling (which was enabled all the time) and nothing new. same thing.
  8. Max CPUID Value Limit exists which is and was always disabled.
  9. sure, its all here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=550759 as i said, a few pages back asrock conroe865pe P1.70 1gb ram intel dualcore 2140 1.60ghz (sorry, not 1.66ghz as in my last post *G* it was too late) nvidia geforce 5700le 256mb with natit vanilla mbr efi btw. onbaord lan also doesn't work, if you have an idea about that, would you please get back to me. more info in that post there.
  10. is there anything one can do to get the "about this mac" crash solved properyly? haven't found anything usefull here yet and no one seems to get back on my post a few pages back.
  11. "you must restart" screen after osx install

    can't you boot up verbose (with -v) and see where it crashes?
  12. well, first of all, merry x-mas to all f you guys... after trying for 2 complete days, around 40 hours of erasing, installing, erasing, installing osx leopard an a ASROCK ConRoe865PE we got it working and guess with what *G* with kalyways 10.5.1 dvd the iaktos version worked too, but after installing updates and some programs, the sound card vanished. anyhow, we then picked up our dvd with kalyways on it and after figuring out which bios settings were needed, i got it installed vanilla the first problems we had, i won't come to them, they are of no importance to me, basically, everything that could have gone wrong, as stated already many times in this thread, went wrong. the last thing today was to go out and buy a cheap usb keyboard, so that i could continue the installation of the vanilla leopard. pity that ps2 doesn't work with vanilla. i tried to change kexts which failed dramatically and after connecting usb that worked basically like a charm, only still hanging when trying to load the onboard realtek 8101L lan drivers. so disabling it in the bios, installing an old 3com pci card, baaam.. lan works too would be great though, if the onboard lan would work, but for now, its solved. we installed a nvidia geforce 5700LE with 256mb ram and used natit files. thats quite good. better then with one of the previous installations with nvinject. the cpu we are using is an older dual core 1.66ghz intel chip, as of writing this post, i merely forgot which cpu exactly, but whatever. it works thats a great x-mas present ok, onward. as for this system actually had windows xp on it, which badly crashed a few days ago, we decided to just try leopard out. that was one hell of a good idea ^^ we have 2 hard drives in the machine. the primary drive was partitioned to 2 partitions. one previously for windows, the other for data. anyhow, as for we didn't have any other harddrives around, we just killed the windows partition, at the end using EFI MBR. the onboard soundcard seems to work, but won't show up in the system profile manager thingy. as this system is also being used by a german, we tried installing the german language pack from my original osx update dvd and yes... IT WORKS TOO *hop* we even installed all available osx updates and yahoo, still working. some might think, wtf is he writing *G* but hey, this is really exiting until now, it works except for "about this mac". clicking it results of the shell crashing and restarting again. we could avoid clicking on it, but whats the cause? is it fixable? if so, whats needed? is the onboard lan fixable too? its not that important for now, but would be nice to have it somewhat cleaned out ^^ ah, and one other thing. what could it be if this colored ball pops up and the machine isn't responding to anything? or this message "you must press the powerbutton" or similar window... are there any logs which i can take a look into? i'm quite new to mac, having my macbook from the beginning of november after my vaio died btw. the best thing i bought in ages the next thing will be a full featured external keyboard. take care ^^
  13. hi, i got myself a macbook a few weeks ago after my vaio died. and today i found this tool. great thing. works perfectly. installed without any problems on the following: macbook 13" 2.18ghz, 2gb ram, 160gb hdd etc... got leo 10.5.1 running and with vmware, whilst needing a few windows apps booting up the boot camp 2 partition within leo without problems. this tools works amazingly great while the macbook runs windows xp sp2 german natively too. the only thing which is a little bit disturbing is the input remapper config page which keeps popping up after loging into windows.