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  1. Please do *not* implement the "keep mappings with a USB keyboard plugged in" request! - or at least make it an option that can be turned off. The USB keyboard is my failsafe in case some mapping goes awry, or IR blows up for some reason and all keyboard input gets refused and I can't even log in. I like the idea of re-adding a NumLock key for the newest MacBook Pros, but can't that already be done with the custom key mapping? My feature suggestion: get the Eject functionality working for people that don't run as an Administrator in XP. It's never worked for those of us running as a regular limited user. I like the "debounce" suggestion too. Thank you for a fine program.
  2. C2D MBP Mouse freeze when resuming from Standby

    I don't think this problem occurs when running the Apple drivers alone -- it's only in conjunction with Input Remapper. So it's unlikely they'll release a "better driver," I think.
  3. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Is there a separate thread for this? I imagine there should be... I ask because I have been having the same problem, but not with Vista. I am running XP SP2, but I am running as a regular non-Administrator level user. I am sort of guessing it is dependent on user privilege level instead of being Vista-specific. I would like to note this in the appropriate thread, if there is one. EDIT: I see no way to delete posts, so my apologies for not searching for the post before I posted this. Slip of the mind.
  4. problem running as non-admin user

    Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't specify. XP SP2. And I kill one of the ones running as SYSTEM. I wasn't very clear on that either: of the three instances, the first one is running as the currently logged-in user, and the other two are running as SYSTEM. Of those two, the one that appears second (which IIRC is the one with the higher PID, or the one that began to execute last) is the one I have to terminate. I think this is part of the problem; I noticed that I can't simply go into Task Manager (as the limited user) and terminate the instance -- I have to use the runas command to impersonate the Admin user, and then I can terminate it.
  5. Hi, thanks for the great program! I seem to have found a bug that is consistently replicable on my MBP, but I have no other machine to test it with. I run Windows as a standard user (without administrator privileges) for security purposes. When I try to log off or restart in the user account, the machine does nothing -- it returns me to the desktop without logging out. I have tracked it down to the following: in Task Manager, there appear three instances of InputRemapper.x86.exe -- two owned by SYSTEM and one by the current user. If I start the Task Manager with /runas:Administrator and then kill the last of the three instances, the system proceeds in shutting down. Any ideas?