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  1. Hi Erik, Thanks so much for that great application, works better than the multi-million-dollar-company's counterpart. I am really pleased with the functionality... why can't apple hire programmers like you ? Unlike my signature might suggest, I am using Input Remapper on a MBP 2.4 SantaRosa, not on my Hackintosh... My most awaited and hopefully easily implemented feature (same like WhiteEagle) - "auto-backlight-dimming" (like osx) after x seconds afk My Battery lifetime is precious. "ohh my preciousssss"... Considering that, would it be possible to speedstep the CPU or GPU when idling ? Nvidia PowerMizer doesn't seem to work for me... I was searching all over the place for a Hardware Independent Power Saver application, something like my Toshiba Power Saver... Wouldn't it be worthwhile investing some time in making our battery live longer... Regards... Tobi PS: If anyone wants to give me a hint on how to access the SMC values with VisualStudio I'd be more than helped... edit: ... the name of the interop dllimport as a PM...
  2. I already posted in a thread elsewhere... everything seemed to work for 10.5.2 as well (see signature), until now... for some inconceivable reason the audio gave up again.. It worked for the first 5-10 boots then gave up... ? ! ?? !!? My Audio is a sigmatel 9200 and previously (10.4.8) the STAC9200-j.txt from http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/ worked just fine... however my Subsystem Id is actually different to the STAC9200-j.txt which reads: Vendor Id: 0x83847690 Subsystem Id: 0x11790462 Windows Device Manager reads: Vendor Id: 0x83847 Subsystem Id: 0x11790472 so I changed that before I patched in 10.5.2 and as mentioned before it worked... it just doesn't work anymore.... Maybe iTunes messed up my Audio ? I'm really confused... help appreciated...
  3. Toshiba Qosmio G30 797HS Bios Settings

    everything except internal display and wireless working now on 10.5.2... check signature...
  4. Toshiba Qosmio G30 797HS Bios Settings

    I tried installing 10.5.2 but I can't get the audio work with the taruga patcher under 10.5.2... anyway... Bios Version is 3.60. Currently I'm trying to reinstall 10.4.9 with the Uphuck 10.4.9 R.III DVD, but it seems it's to scratched and old... My Audio I just checked again is actually even different to the STAC9200-j.txt which reads: Vendor Id: 0x83847690 Subsystem Id: 0x11790462 Windows Device Manager reads: Vendor Id: 0x83847 Subsystem Id: 0x11790472 I will try that on this install... During install there will be kernel panick if you don't disable CoreMultiprocessing in Bios, later I will switch it on again. Didn't have to change anything in the bios for the 10.5.2 installation BTW...
  5. Toshiba Qosmio G30 797HS Bios Settings

    wow?, I'm completely baffled now... I changed all back to defaults in my Bios, except the "all Devices" thing... Still boots... Before (& during installation) I always had a kernel panic with dump, something about CPU trap when core multiprocessing was enabled... Now it boots as if nothing ever happend... Also last year I tried the jas 10.4.8 and it would never have booted with these settings. hmm, the only thing I changed since last year is my Bios... Its ver 3.5 now, was 1.6 then...It's like this now: BatterySaveMode - "Full Power" PCI Express Link ASPM - Auto Enhanced C-states - Enabled Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode - "Dynamically Switchable" Core Multiporcessing - Enabled Execute Disable Bit Capability - "Not Available" Vitualization Technology - Disabled Devices setup by OS - "All Devices" Means I dont have to change my bios settings anymore when booting windows or ubuntu... that's really good...
  6. Core DUO with Toshiba BIOS

    Hi james2mart, Somehow i managed to get both cores working at full speed.. look here maybe it helps: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...t=0#entry505156
  7. Hi, I thought I already posted, but can't find my thread nowhere... anyway, as of now, I suddenly got both cores working... I changed bios settings again: BatterySaveMode -> UserSettings-> "Processing Speed: High" , "CPU sleep mode - Disabled", "LCD Brightness - Super Bright", "Cooling Method: Battery Optimized" PCI Express Link ASPM - Enabled Enhanced C-states - Enabled Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode - "Dynamically Switchable" Core Multiporcessing - Enabled Execute Disable Bit Capability - "Not Available" Vitualization Technology - Disabled Devices setup by OS - "All Devices" This is more or less default, the only thing changed is "CPU sleep mode - Disabled"... It still boots... and is stable since I start writing (&editing) this post... now its a proper 1.99 GHz Core2 Duo in "About this mac"
  8. Geforce Go Series (Internal Laptopdisplay)

    I think I can line up in this thread with similar hardware and same problem... I just posted in _np's Laptop Display thread, but I'll check out this thread aswell. Also james2mart seems to have a Qosmio... I also nearly tried all driver combinations together with the LaptopDisplay, IOGrapicsFamily and the Display Overrides fed with my EDID of internal Display... check out my full description here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&start=384#
  9. LaptopDisplay

    Hi, I read the whole thread (took a night and a morning)... I feel kind of for reading eveyones detailed error descriptions and trying to extract some usefullness for my own problem... First of all a couple of questions: 1. I read a couple of times to remove all AppleDrivers... Whats their names and where are they ? 2. How can I make an ioreg while booted with a white fading, strange colour displaying internal LCD ? As far as I can think, I tried nearly everything mentioned here except the removing of AppleDrivers and putting the EDID inside Natit's Info.plist. I couldn't find where I should put it inside the Natit's Info.plist, there was no vendor child and no EDID,LVDS silbling to find ? Instead I put the full EDID data inside Titans Info.plist under EDID0 and EDID1. Doing that is quite interesting because that's how I found out that, first my EDID data seems to be correct and second that my internal is EDID1, whereas my external is EDID0. When I put it for EDID0 it set my external monitor to 1920x1200 and called it ColorLCD, when I put it for EDID1 it tries it for my internal I guess, but I only see white fading. I have a toshiba internal display with 1920x1200... MonInfo gives me "TOSHIBA Internal Panel" and "DisplayVendorID-51f3" results from DisplayUtility. I also put my EDID block into the "DisplayProductID-508d" from DisplayUtility. Anyway, none of it got my internal Toshiba Panel working. I keep on seeing the strangest white fading combined with black and blue blocks burning out previous contrasts... It's nearly like a screensaver, or a scare: "Ohh god, I ****** my Laptop Display !!", anyway it doesn't work... If anyone can give me instructions on how to make ioreg without seeing anything and which the apple drivers are, I'd be helped a little... thanks. Edit: Added internal Toshiba Panel EDID data from MonInfo... dmesg_NVidiaEFI_IOGraphicsFam_external.txt ioreg_NVidiaEFI_IOGraphicsFam_external.txt dmesg_external_Titan.txt ioreg_external_Titan.txt dmesg_external_all.txt ioreg_external_all.txt monitor.txt
  10. I tried this about one year ago with 10.4.8 I think. Back then I failed badly, investing and loosing a lot more time. Audio finally works and system seems stable... Toshiba Bios settings (v.3.5): CPU Dynamically switchable / Power Managment: full power / Core Multiprocessing: disabled / Devices: All by OS About This Mac: 1.99 Ghz Intel Core 2 Solo... everything can be seen in the signature... Thanks all Developers...
  11. Hi Nerds, Well dont know where to start. start My specs are down in my signature. I came here first time 5 days ago when I started this insane project of installing that Software on my Toshiba Laptop. I own 3 pre G3 macs and one Umax and I never liked Steve Jobs hardware after quicktime became payware and 3d rendering became way cheaper and faster on X86. end After setting my BIOS CPU frequency scaling to off (Always Low) and Sleep States disabled I installed the JaS 10.4.6 DVD (probably 14x) before I patched with the JaS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.Combo.Update (about 6x)... BTW: Am I supposed to install SSE2 and SSE3 patches or only SSE3. As I'm writing my Aqua Desktop next to me hangs again probably because of another APIC CPU0 kernel panic. I tried (cpus=1 idlehalt=0 platform=X86PC fn=3 fsb=166) in all combinations The Intel Pro1000 ethernet works and the macvidia driver 1.08 allows me to change resolution. It works for maximum 3 hours in idle or 40 minutes surfing safari and using terminal for editing and searching kextfiles before it suddenly hangs... My Audio is 8384 7690 same like so many others here before. It seems this fix only works for 8384 7680 and still after reading all the Sigmatel Threads I still don't see the realtionship between vendor ID, Device ID and those cryptic strings for the codecs inside AppleHDA.kext/Contents/Info.plist or AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA like 2206496386 and 85 or 84 and "80 76 84 83" with "81 76 84 83" ... Is that all you are editing ? Can someone please enlighten me. (a hint might be enough) Thanks in advance zillion42
  12. intel pro wireless 3945 abg !!! (ipw3945) ndiswrapper ?