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  1. feature request: - "auto-backlight-dimming" (like osx) after x minutes afk - "one-button-changing" from fn+fxx to fxx and vice versa - fan-control profiles (perhaps also somekind like "battery-in-use" fan@yyyy speed, "ac-in-user" fan@zzzz speed)
  2. WhiteEagle

    Restore partitions

    if you only got osx and linux installed, just use bootcamp to restore else installes osx, linux and windows: 1. delete linux and windows partition with http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ 2. restore volume with bootcamp
  3. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 1.0.04 Release

    fantastic!!! working great!!! the only disturbing thing is the onscreen in the middle of the screen, could you please place it somehow like in osx? just my 2 cents...
  4. WhiteEagle

    Repartition without losing data

    a newer linux live-cd with "efi aware" should do that job (BUT NO GUARANTEE AND ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT DATA)...
  5. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 1.0.03 Release

    have you planned to update your version with the actual bootcamp version? they're new with backlight and volume graphical interface, but they still haven't fix the brightness bug.
  6. WhiteEagle

    need X11User.pkg

    yeah... but just for 10.3... here the file for 10.4 (mod, plz delete if i'm not allowed to share that thing...): http://rapidshare.com/files/34052720/X11Tiger.zip.html http://fileho.com/download/8d2db3483625/X11Tiger.zip.html
  7. WhiteEagle

    MBR or GPT/hybrid for Vista/XP HD. What are pros and cons?

    i dont really understand what you wanna know, but vista and xp cant handle gpt... if you dont know what it is, so read @ www.wikipedia.com
  8. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 1.0.02 Beta

    cd eject is non working for me anymore, reinstalled 1.0.01 and everything is fine again i'm using winxp sp2 german.
  9. WhiteEagle

    Windows 98 on Boot Camp?

    xp slimmer: http://www.nliteos.com/
  10. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 0.9.18 Beta

    hey thx dude! everything's fine now!. did you changed the algorithm of lcd brightness? it is working much smoother, but it's difficult to adjust...
  11. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 0.9.18 Beta

    i've got a macbook pro. neither uninstalling the keyboard driver of bootcamp 1.1 nor uninstall and reinstall of inputremapper worked... the fn key is working, just in a strange way. my last post edit: turn off volume is the combination "fn+f1+f3" & decrease volume "fn+f1+f4"
  12. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 0.9.18 Beta

    none of these is working: lcd brightness volume control keyboard backlight im using winxpsp2 german EDIT: everything else is ok found out: turn off volume is the combination "fn+f1+f3" & decrease volume "fn+f1+f4"
  13. WhiteEagle

    Input Remapper 0.9.17 Beta

    one more bug on my xp (xp sp2 german) numlock doesnt work properly. i almost everytime need to push fn+f6 two times to disable numlock, altough the green light is gone off at first time.