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I got an email from the office of Steve Jobs today...


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Okay, so, uh, with all this stuff about the guy who emailed Mr. Jobs and got one back...I tried it, just to be funny, thinking I'd never really get an email back...well...


From: "Nic \"Lostgame\" Newman" <[email protected]>

Date: October 8, 2007 6:06:44 PM PDT

To: [email protected]

Subject: Very disappointed in AppleCare...


In mid-2006, I bought an original apple MacBook, within about a month of it's release. 2 months later, it completely ceased to work in mid-use. It powered off and simply stopped working, and to this day I don't know why. I sent it into AppleCare, even though I needed the laptop for my job at the time, as well as school.


The whole experience was absoultely dismal. The repair took 41 days in AppleCare, and offered no updates, even confusing CompUSA, whom I had bought the laptop from, and misinforming them of the repair, and it got to the point where the regional manager of CompUSA had to slowly work his way up the phone system, where even he struggled with finding someone who actually could give him a definitive answer.

The customer service department often sent us in circles, even back to the same people who had previously sent us to different people, saying "they couldn't solve the problem."


41 days later, I finally get the laptop back, and it still has issues with the DVD drive, being unable to recognize certain CD's. Furious, and easily ready to call up my lawyer, I called Apple's HR and essentially demanded to talk to someone who would actually be able to do something. I finally got a hold of a suprisingly helpful woman named "Sil", (I can't recall her last name), and she discussed with me my options, and eventually decided to ship me a new MacBook, letting me keep the old one for 30 days after the new one shipped, so I could transfer the data from my old laptop (as I couldn't exactly back up to a DVD when the drive wouldn't burn.)

Well, that was, in concept, a great idea. She sent me off to a helpful guy named Cody who helped me with shipping info, and all was dandy.


Or so I thought.


I waited 2 weeks to receive a confirmation email on when my laptop was shipping. Again, the website that Apple sent me to at every opportunity possible on the phone provided no use, and there was no direct number to reach the people I had previously talked to.

Tired of waiting, I called up Apple and they stated "they were waiting for me to ship the laptop to them."


At this point, I became very angry at the person on the other line. I had signed and faxed a CONTRACT stating that I would recieve the laptop before I had shipped it, and, ironically, confirmation of signing this contract is the only communication I recieved from Apple in this two-week period.


In a very deja-vu way, I demanded to talk to higher and higher individuals, waiting literally hours on my phone, until I finally got confirmation that it would be shipped the next day.

I recieved an email on that, and I did recieve the new laptop in about three days.


This was all fine and dandy, again, but on the box for this laptop, there was no information on how to return it. I waited a week for an email, before adimantly wasting my time with Apple's poor excuse for a phone system, and went through literally 7 support personell before I could even get the address to ship my old laptop to!


I am appalled at this excuse for 'service.' Absolutely appalled. How one company could make so many mistakes with such a simple thing as fixing a laptop is simply beyond me.


I hope to recieve some email back in response to this, or communication whatsoever, because I truly believe in Apple's software and hardware, it is in fact better than the competition, but it doesn't exactly matter if they leave their customers without their products and completely in the dark about their whereabouts for 41 days, only to return it malfunctioning.


Please, do reply, and I do look forward to hearing from someone soon to offer some sort of explanation for this atrocity of customer service. It's by far the worst customer service I've ever had - and I can't believe I paid for it. What's going on here?


-Nic Newman


And, in


Dear Mr. Newman,


Thank you for your email to Steve Jobs at Apple. Your correspondence concerns an issue we feel would best be handled in a phone conversation.


Unfortunately, your phone number was not included in your email. If you have not yet resolved the issue, please contact me at ###-###-####, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time, or you may send me an email including your telephone number and a preferred time of contact.


I look forward to speaking with you.




Tim O'Neil

Corporate Executive Relations



It's really nothing but lol, I got one back. Funny funny stuff.

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I got a response back...like, nobody gets a response back, you don't email steve jobs and expect anything back...it was just to be funny.

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