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  1. My friend has a newer laptop with 10.5. My laptop is a 1.83 GHz C2D. When I try to use his system disk to install 10.5 it says "Software cannot be installed on this computer" Is there anyway to trick it to get it installed?
  2. Is there anyway to do this? I'm not at home and I want to install OS X on my Macbook (currently using XP) and I'm not going to be home for a while so a friend let me use his disc but I got a message saying I can't install Leopard on this computer. Is it still possible?
  3. There is no 100% hacktop. They can't go to sleep as far as I know.
  4. glassJAw

    DVD ripper for X?

    This programs all fail to shrink a DVD to a single layer compared to DVD shrink.
  5. It seems the nerds are always obsessed with specs and not the things that you can't put a price on like user experience. Normal computer users don't care about specs as long as things don't run like {censored}. People like Apple for their OS and quality and are willing to pay the premium to get it while people who never used OS X, or dislike it get a cheaper Windows based machine. I enjoy using my Macbook, it's the most versatile computer I have ever used. It's a 1.83 Core2Duo, 2 gigs of ram and a 200 gig 7200 RPM drive.
  6. glassJAw

    Windows 7 M1 (Milestone 1) Leaked

    Is Windows 7 going to have a new kernel or is it still based of off 2000/XP/Vista's kernel?
  7. Is there anyway to rip the ilife suite from a Macbook OS X install disc? I get a "This bundled software cannot be installed on this computer" error. Thanks
  8. I went from a 80 gigabyte 5400 RPM hard drive to a 200 gigabyte 7200 RPM and it was like night and day. Things load a whole lot faster and everything is a lot smoother. I can play music, surf the web, and load up Windows XP in VMware w/o a hiccup.
  9. This has to been the crappiest rant I have ever seen.
  10. It's call product differentiation and product cannibalism.
  11. glassJAw

    [How To] Make XP look like Vista

    Windows 2000 Classic theme > all other Microsoft themes.
  12. It's funny how badly you guys try to justify this. Just like with piracy. It's wrong and you keep trying to make it right.
  13. glassJAw

    Public MySQL Database

    If you have a router, you can run a server off your computer be releasing your computer outside the router and firewall. I run a Apache server on my Windows XP virtual machine sometimes to show people stuff. Look up DMZ.
  14. There's too much lamage in this thread. The Macbook Air is fine the way it is. Go buy your crappy sub $700 notebooks and quit bitching.