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WindowXP or VISTA for Gaming machine


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It's been 3 years since my last PC upgrade and the Tax Cheque is coming in. With the X38 Chipset around the corner and 1333Mhz INtel CPU's just out I thought now is as good a time as any to upgrade (i.e Build a new system).


Now I am running VISTA on my 'old' gaming rig with no games installed as the old 6800GT has been relegated to 'Web Page renderer' and a PS3 is feeding my gaming urges. I know this is a very basic question but what OS to use for a pure gaming rig?


I have about 180 PC Games of which I'd probably install 50 games ranging from System Shock 2 right through to FEAR, PREY, C&C3 & Stalker. I have followed the Driver threads and it seems VISTA still suffers performance problems (But is improving). I have still yet to play PREY, FEAR or OBLIVION (I know but my poor system would never do them justice).


What say you fellow gamers - WindowsXP or VISTA for gaming? System will have a 3.0Ghz Core Duo 2 CPU (6850), 8800GTX (Non-SLi for now) and about 4 Gig Memory.


Thanks for your time.



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SLI the rig with 2x8800 Ultras 640MB with 4 gig of ram, thow in a Intel quad-core at 2.0 core speed and go Vista Ultimate....

Way to jack the price up :P

If you have a DX10 capable graphics card and at least 2gig of RAM I would take Vista.
^That about sums it up, if your going to do DX10 games: Vista. Otherwise the ol' XP is fine.
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I hate Vista for gaming. Its not compatible with tons of games older than 1 year even with compatibility mode. XP rocks for gaming. Only reason you'd want Vista would be for DX10. I don't know if this is fake but many people have hacked DX10 to run on Windows XP:


Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP from Alky Project




DirectX 10 Available for Download Outside of Vista - For Windows XP




DirectX 10 for Windows XP?




DirectX 10 on Windows XP




But, as always there are people who don't think its gonna happen


DirectX is Doable on Windows XP?




DirectX 10 for Windows XP? Repeat after me: No.No.No





Just my contribution


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Windows XP with all of the graphics set to low (makes it look like windows 2000 :D) will take up the fewest ram, or heck, Windows 2000 might just be better. The only argument for vista is DX10. Name 5 games that ACTUALLY use it. Halo 2 doesnt btw, its just a gimmick to make you buy vista.


And how many games wont work on vista properly that work perfectly on XP? Too many to count.


XP. All the freaking way.

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BioShock=DX10 settings

World In conflect=DX10 Settings


these are the onyl games beside FSX (when the dx10 patch comes out) that has dX 10 setting u can enable if u have a dx10 card


I tryed the DX10 cracks patches for XP and no show at teh meomnt. also I tryed teh hacked Halo 2 for xp and it gives me a error on installing

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