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  1. >>SnowLeopard<< MouSE PRoBLeM

    Try using usb mouse and see if that helps. HTH
  2. What kind of monitor is it? There should be a button in it to automatically fix it. Ok, try this, Go to bios window, then on your monitor look for the menu button and you should be able to change the setting. HTH
  3. Since you are starting fresh. You need to wipe out the whole HD. Use gparted to remove all partition. Start installing Vista first, make two partition one NTFS and one FAT32. After that install OSX and use Disk Utility to make GPT partition. Thats how i got it done. HTH
  4. Acer EG31M Motherboard

    Go to crucial.com and use their memory adviser tool. HTH
  5. @VooD, Tried what you did on your video, not happening on my Win 7 RC x64 and Vista X64. Notice we almost have the same spec except for the video memory. There must be something wrong on your system.
  6. Then use Nero to make an iso file from that extracted file. Regarding transmac i have no idea what wrong with it. but transmac works just fine for me.
  7. Use dmg2iso, and then use Nero to burn the converted iso or you can use transmac. HTH
  8. Check your monitor on another computer and see if it is working. If yes then the problem is your GPU . If not then your monitor is busted. HTH
  9. Is there 900 GMA WDDM Support?

    Sadly no support for Intel d915 or GMA900 for Windows 7
  10. Stupid question.

    If it is showing the correct CPU ID then you are ok.
  11. Stupid question.

    Your Vista 32 or 64? 32 bit go ahead but for 64 bit not so sure.
  12. Stupid question.

    You need to update your BIOS.
  13. dvd to ipod program

    Try handbrake first, if doesn't do the job then search for VSO or something similar. HTH
  14. My Windows 7

    Type Winver in startmenu and see if it is working.
  15. Send it back, and get something like P35 or better.