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  1. Need help with Internet

    I have the same hardware anyone find a fix?
  2. So I finally got leopard installed and logged into the OS but now my internet doesn't work and sound doesn't when I had tiger installed both of them worked but now they do not. Here is my hardware ATi HD3870 512 D-Link DFE-530TX Netword Card And a realtek HD Sound card Can anyone give me some help I searched for some of the drivers but didn't get anything that could help. I have a portable HD so I could load the kexts from that is there also a way to take the drivers from Kalaway 10.5.2 DVD and put them onto my current install. I couldn't Install that version of OSX86 but it has my 3870 driver and I think the realtek driver as well. Thanks for the help
  3. I finally got my disk to boot but now in leopard when it asks if I have previously owned a mac I click I do not want to transfer my stuff now. Then it hangs on a spinning ball of death and comes back up saying it cannot recognize my keyboard. It is stuck in a loop.
  4. CS error?

    So I am using leo4all on my AMD hardware and using -x -v on the boot up and I get a code signing error. Anyone get this error before? I am going to try to reburn the disk at a slow speed and see if it helps the problem
  5. So I can install Leopard Using my old 10.5.1 disk for AMD. It installs but the partition it is installed to doesn't appear on the DVD boot menu and darwin doesn't load after the install. SO I am trying Kalaway's install disk but it goes to waiting for root device... I am going to try leo4all3. I think its still waiting for root device only on the kalaway install. Anyone have any ideas for an install thing I can type in to the startup options? I have tried safe mode with -x and -v and there aren't any errors before. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Install Wont Load

    So I installed Leopard today and when I load the drive that it was installed to on boot up it just doesn't load. Just hangs. I also tried with the DVD in the drive but I don't know how to boot the install from the dvd. Toshi
  7. No Boot Menu Zephyroth

    I install zephiroth a week ago and my keyboard didnt work so I got a PS2 to USB converter. Then today I went to install OSX86 and the install went fine but darwin doesn't come up at all. Can I load my install partition by using a disc as the darwin loader. Any suggestions? Toshi
  8. My keyboard doesn't work at all in the terminal in the installer. Can anyone suggest anything. I ordered a USB to PS2 adapter off amazon. Will be here later this week. I will see if that works. But anyone have any other suggestions?
  9. I can't find this on the bay or the smallnova
  10. My install of Zephyroth went sucessful but now when I get to the setup screen after the install my mouse only works if its plugged into the usb port and my keyboard doesn't work period. The Keyboard is a Logitech with home buttons and such. Any suggestion?
  11. My install went great it went to the welcome screen and then prompted me to plug in my keyboard to continue. My mouse then did not work. I could not complete the install. I have a logitech MX518 Mouse and Logitech Keyboard. I tried plugging them in over and over but that did not work. My mobo is a M61P-S3. This happened on tiger but all i had to do was unplug and plug it back in. Any help is appreciated Keyboard is PS/2. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. AMD Leopard

    You know us people who are OS whores. I gotta get leopard on my desktop before my Mac friends get it on there macs : )
  13. AMD Leopard

    So has anyone got the GM master to install on amd hardware yet?
  14. 7900gt (works great with osx86)

    How much?
  15. Leopard on AMD

    Thanks a bunch... how is it running on your box?