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My first Mac!


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Will this thing run Leopard? It is the Feb 2003 model. Core Image isn't supported.

I have a Dual 500Mhz G4 and I'm running latest Leopard OK.


Mind you I bought a cheap PC Radeon 9700 and flashed it to work on a Mac so I have Core Image and Quartz Extreme.

(Even though its only 2x AGP, still running well.)


Edit: Yes, fix that image, way too big.

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Congrats, seems nice, and for that price it definitely is a bargain :D


I only see one keyboard / mouse on that desktop - you controlling both computers with that and one of those KVM switches?

I'm using a program called Synergy.

Where did you purchase it for that price?

Flea market at MIT.

Hey Meowy :unsure:


Leopard will run on it no problems.

Nice thing btw. :D

Hmm why does that name sound familiar. :P Hey Mix.


Thanks for the info. :)

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