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  1. scj312

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    You can still use shikigva boot args with WhateverGreen exactly the same as you could before. On my system I don't need to use the boot arg.
  2. scj312

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Same boot args but the correct setting is auto detected for me without adding shikigva=xx.
  3. scj312

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Font smoothing was tweaked between beta 1 and GM and it is not as bad as it was originally. Also, the font smoothing option in System Preferences - General can now be used to make it less bold.
  4. scj312

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Are model and serial number still read from the same values in Clover config.plist with VirtualSMC? Meaning, external factors aside, I should be able to swap FakeSMC with VirtualSMC and not break iMessage etc?
  5. Even my work rMBP KP'd after installing the update.
  6. I got a similar KP recently to the ones posted here. I wonder if 10.13.6 has an issue because the driver has been flawless for me except for this one recent KP.
  7. I am encountering a new issue. I have enabled notifications support in Safari. When I click a Safari notification, the notifications button in the website stops working. I have to reload the page for it to work again.
  8. Keep trying different combinations of ports (different DP, or trying both DP). I found only one combination of ports that lets me use all 3 monitors on my 1080.
  9. I see this issue with DisplayPort monitors with many different systems, different OS and different monitors.
  10. Also good here with 1.2.6 and ngfxsubmit=0.
  11. Works great on my Skylake system. Thanks @vit9696!
  12. Lag seems to be limited to Skylake systems and newer based on everything we've seen so far.
  13. Great job getting things updated, I know it's a lot of work and IPS isn't always forgiving! Suggestion: Could the padding around signatures and the heart button, and the line height within signatures, be reduced to be more in line with the previous site? It really makes topics a lot harder to read than previously.
  14. My real Mac had this happen as well, about 4 reboots. Part of it was installing a firmware update.
  15. scj312

    Clover General discussion

    You can set boot background color to any hex value using NVRAM, see here: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/guide-black-boot-screen-white-apple-logo-on-unsupported-macs-boot-efi-hack.1751446/page-7#post-22742480