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  1. HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    I have managed to install Jas install onto an external usb hard drive. I am able to boot from it and use it fine. Everything works even wireless on my dv6231eu. The only thing I would like to do is get it onto the hard drive on my laptop. Mobility defeats the object if you have to carry an external HDD around lol. I have tired acronis split the hard drive, formatted the second partition fat32 with 0=AF shagosswap, but my hard drive still can not be seen. Anyone any ideas please
  2. Installing Leopard when released

    Brilliant, thanks for all your thoughts and help etc about this. I will back up my files to my external hard drive, wipe the mac hd and do a clean install.
  3. Who has pre-order Leopard?

    1x OS X Leopard copy for me too £75.20 on education site. :D
  4. Hi all, I have pre ordered a copy of leopard today. What I want to know is (as this is the first time I'll have upgraded an OS on a mac) is it best to do an upgrade install, or to do a backup with superduper then a clean install and then restore the backup. Many thanks.
  5. HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    Hi all, I have a dv6231eu AMD Turion x64 dual core TL-50 1GB Ram 80GB HD BIOS version F27 CPU-Z shows I have SSE, SSE2 and SSE 3 I can not find anything about this model on here or when gooling in relation to mac osx86. My problem is my HDD is not recognised. I have tired Jas, Uphuck 1.4a and one version of tubgirl with PPF1 patch. I think it is my sata controller causing the problem. Does anyone have any ides I could try please. I'd be very grateful. Many thanks
  6. Local Time Machine?

    I partitioned mine with boot camp. Then went to disk utility and erased the partition and formatted it with extended journaled and used it like that with no problems. It does require a minimum of 40gb. it asked me if I was sure i wanted to use the partition which was on the same hard drive and clicked ok and away I went.
  7. Remove OS X start-up sound?

    Yes I have and so far I have not got it working
  8. So who's gonna BUY it?

    Yes I will be buying it, but I will have to buy online as the nearest shops is too far away.
  9. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Well, I've done it and am writing this is Leopard !!!!
  10. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Thanks for that
  11. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Hi, can anyone help me here please. I have followed all the instructions and all ok for burning the dvd. I get to that last minute of installation and it crashes. I have even downloaded another copy of leopard burnt to SL DVD and the same thing happens at the end of installation. In the log error I get, localhost /Volumes/Mac Leopard/private/tmp/scripts.RzeB/ ./postinstall[426] File does not exist, Will create /Volumes/Mac /leopard/Library/prefernces/com.apple.pcast_integration.plist Then I get Could not save crash report to disk Then I get a huge list of the crash report. Like I said I downloaded Leopard again in case I had a problem with the first download. I have burnt several DVDs and have also gone through the process of creating a SL DVD several times, and I get the same thing happening. I have the new (only couple weeks old) iMac 2.4 ghz C2D with 3gb ram. I am running Tiger on my iMac Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  12. iMac C2D UK ONLY

    Is your imac still available. I have a laptop to swap, 15.4" screen, AMD turion 64 bit dual core, 1gb ram. 80gb HD, vista home premium
  13. My first Mac!

    Having tried hackintosh on my PC. I am now a switcher. I bought my first Mac last week, a mac mini 1.25 G4. I am loving it sooooo much I am saving up for an Imac !!!!!
  14. Hello all, In these days people are quick to flame. I want to do the opposite. I want to say thank you to everyone here. If I have not found what I have wanted I have asked and got help. Today my usb soundstick arrived and now I have sound. My hackintosh is now fully functional and I love it. It is has been a challenge at times (I love challenges etc). Now my education starts!!!!!!! Thanks all
  15. JAS vs Uphuck

    I have tried uphuck 10.4.9 various releases, I have only ever managed to get v1.3 installed but always got a kernel panic when booting. I have installed jas 10.4.8 with no problems at all. I tried to use jas combo upgrade to 10.4.9 and got a kernel panic. I think it must be an issue for my PC with the new 8.9.1 kernel. I have since upgraded to 10.4.9 without upgrading the kernel with no problems at all. So, for me it has to be jas.