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Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 Update Enters Beta Cycle


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An update to the reknown Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 has entered the beta phase and will be available free of charge and support to all current owners of Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0. Lately, the competition between Parallels Desktop and VMWare's Fusion has been quite fierce, with both companies trying to flog their product as the best solution for virtualizing Windows on Mac OS X. As a result, the regular release of beta stage updates have resulted in a metaphorical "arms race" for the coolest and most useful features.


Here's what Parallels' new update has to offer:

Coherence integration with Expose
, allowing Windows windows to be fully decored with Mac OS X effects and integrated seamlessly with the window management environment of OS X.


Image tool returns
refreshed with the capability to undo all changes made to a session via the
Undo Disk
option. Additionally, virtual disks can be easily expanded and converted between plain and expanding disk types.

Explorer file manager utility
can now not only explore the contents of virtual drives with the virtual machine powered off, but also
while the virtual machine is suspended
. Proceed with caution when doing so.


iPhone syncronization support for Outlook on Windows XP and Vista
, allowing you to interface your iPhone with your virtual machine.

Last but not least, as is expected with all pre-release software: don't depend on it in a production environment, don't expect official support, make sure to RTFM, and have fun testing.


Get the beta here


P.S. [in Schwarzenegger tone]: I'M BACK... :(

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This can only benefit the consumer, lol, a battle for better features for the same money is always good for the consumer!

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Wow, not only does this new version work on my laptop now, but even better news...


My lappy is dual boot Vista/OS X. Parallels automatically saw my Vista partition as a Boot Camp partition (even though I obviously do not have Boot Camp). Sure enough booted right up with ZERO configuration. Every time I think Parallels has reached its peak they then seem to go a step beyond even that. Actually one of the few pieces of software I have paid for. Development like this needs to be rewarded!

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Honestly it is neck and neck. It really depends on what apps you run. If you are looking to run Windows 3D games I would say Fusion is superior. If you are just looking for a solution to run the widest range of Windows app then I would say Parallels. Coherence in the latest Parallels beta works fantastically, VMWare's version of Coherence is nowhere as nice.

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