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First photos from the iphone ?

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An unusual story has popped up on MobileGuerilla claiming to have found the first photos from an Apple iPhone on the web.


The search method seemed rather primitive... they simply searched for "taken with an Apple iPhone" on Google and found a set of Flickr images (now removed) tagged with the phrase. The phrase is automatically generated by Flickr based on the EXIF data from the camera itself.


Now, this is certainly not proof that the images were necessarily taken by an Apple iPhone since EXIF information is easily editable. The images where then set to private and then deleted from the Flickr account. Again, this alone would not be particularly convincing, however, based on publicly available evidence, it's clear that the photos came from someone in the position to have access to an iPhone.


As a result, it appears very likely the photos are authentic.



Interesting EXIF info from one of the original images:


* Camera Make = Apple

* Camera Model = iPhone

* Picture Orientation = rotated 90° (6)

* Lens F-Number/F-Stop = 14/5 = F2.80

* Color Space = sRGB (1)

* Image Width = 1600

* Image Height = 1200

* Unknown tag: Tagnum = 0xa500 ===> data = 11/5

* Compression = JPEG compression (6)


So, the Apple iPhone does appear to encode orientation information (landscape or portrait) into photos based on whether or not the phone is held vertically or horizontally.



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Holy {censored}, its about time. I was waiting for this to come up in the news/rumours section....this news like 3 days old. Pretty much every site has this covered except here, until now. What gives I wonder? :whistle:


I read the entire story at Mac Rumours...and read the 100 somewhat replies.


This shot looks genuine IMO. The camera resolution quality is not the best of the best in the cell phone industry by modern standards...but its much higher than pretty much 80% of the cell phones out now...which take web cam quality shots. I have a few Japanese friends...and let me tell you that those phones are atleast 5 generations ahead of North American cell phones in camera quality (yes that would include the iPhone's camera too). Those guys have phones that could take shots the resolution of a normal camera itself. By North American standards (which is pretty poor, and includes Canada, and US) the iPhone's camera quality is top notch...but by global standards...its pretty good, but not the best. But then again, if you take the size factor of the phone itself into account...its pretty impressive still.


Im guessing iPhone's camera is around 2.5 MP, with that resolution and quality (1600x1200)

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Guest Ramm

Is that meat? The first pictures from the iPhone are of some guy eating a piece of toast and of a rack of meat?

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