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  1. Guide to installing leopard on AMD (without tiger)

    Update to 10.5.1 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=71930
  2. Guide to installing leopard on AMD (without tiger)

    Hey, I edited the cpuid.txt file and the replace.sh file .So there is now no need to name your partition as Leopard...
  3. ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INSTALLING LEOPARD ON AMD (WITHOUT TIGER !!) Most of the guides available online make use of tiger to install leopard...for those of u with shortage of disk space like me,u'll find this guide useful I have tries to make this guide as easy and as comprehensive as possible,but comments and suggestions are welcome. WHAT U NEED : The ToH Leopard Disk ( U know where to get it) AMD ppf patch ( http://www.mediafire.com/?1temgsydxnz ) PPF-O-MATIC 3.0 ( http://halo2.filefront.com/file/PPFOMatic;24225 ) A copy of the AMD Decrypts ( http://rapidshare.com/files/65593520/9A581_amd.zip.html ) Macdrive for Windows (OPTIONAL) ( http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive...ial/default.asp ) Shrinker.zip ( http://www.mediafire.com/?fvnrvtx2gjj ) Replacement files : http://rapidshare.com/files/72115074/repla..._files.zip.html Disclaimer: This guide is based on my experience with my AMD Athlon 3000+. Depending on your hardware, YMMV. Step 1: Patch the Toh Leopard Iso with the amd ppf using ppf-o-matic 3.0 For more help on ppf-o-matic,follow the readme included with it. Extract shrinker.zip and 9a581_amd.zip somewhere on your windows/other partition. Replace the files cpuid.txt and replace.sh in 9a581_HD folder with my versions of the files found in replacement_files.zip Step 2: Create a primary partition on your hard disk to install leopard on. Those of you who have tried Tiger know how to go about this.I am not going to elaborate on this step further Step 3: Burn the patched iso..and install leopard from it. Make sure you click on CUSTOMIZE during the installation process and choose the required files. If u get errors like "STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE" or anything else ,visit the insanelymac forums or the irc channel for help. Step 4: Now things start to get interesting... Try to boot into leopard. If U CAN'T insert the leopard disk again and start from it. Go to UTILITIES->terminal type /usr/misc/script.sh <volume name> where volume name is the name of ur leopard partition eg: /usr/misc/script.sh LEOPARD Now if u have macdrive installed,reboot to windows and just drag drop the extracted Shrinker.zip files and the amd decrypt(9A581_HD) files onto the leopard root partition else copy the files using the terminal from the leopard disk onto the leopard partition. I will leave this to you but if u are not comfortable with the shell commands,go with the macdrive method NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY As soon as leopard begins to boot,press F8 to enter startup options boot with -s -legacy u will get a command prompt : type /sbin/mount -uw / cd /System/Library/Extensions rm -r NV* rm -r Ge* Now provided u copied the files properly using Macdrive /shell : cd /9A581_HD ./replace.sh ./patcher cpuid.txt cd / rm -rf mach* cp Shrinker/files/mach_kernel / chmod - R 755 mach_kernel && chown -R root:wheel mach_kernel cd /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 * && chown -R root:wheel * reboot Now fingers crossed...u must be able to boot into LEOPARD. For more information on getting ur graphic card working...check the forums The nvidia link is here http://rapidshare.com/files/69216300/leonvidia.zip Instructions: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=70775 Feedback appreciated.
  4. WWDC Roundup

    Aaah....so damn boring..
  5. AGLOCO releases !

    AGLOCO released its viewbar today . It is available for download from the site itself. For those who dont know bout agloco.
  6. Top 30 mistakes made by new mac users

    It refers to typing the entire url in the google search bar
  7. Source:danwarne.com Note:Seems to have been removed from the site.
  8. An unusual story has popped up on MobileGuerilla claiming to have found the first photos from an Apple iPhone on the web. The search method seemed rather primitive... they simply searched for "taken with an Apple iPhone" on Google and found a set of Flickr images (now removed) tagged with the phrase. The phrase is automatically generated by Flickr based on the EXIF data from the camera itself. Now, this is certainly not proof that the images were necessarily taken by an Apple iPhone since EXIF information is easily editable. The images where then set to private and then deleted from the Flickr account. Again, this alone would not be particularly convincing, however, based on publicly available evidence, it's clear that the photos came from someone in the position to have access to an iPhone. As a result, it appears very likely the photos are authentic. Interesting EXIF info from one of the original images: * Camera Make = Apple * Camera Model = iPhone * Picture Orientation = rotated 90° (6) * Lens F-Number/F-Stop = 14/5 = F2.80 * Color Space = sRGB (1) * Image Width = 1600 * Image Height = 1200 * Unknown tag: Tagnum = 0xa500 ===> data = 11/5 * Compression = JPEG compression (6) So, the Apple iPhone does appear to encode orientation information (landscape or portrait) into photos based on whether or not the phone is held vertically or horizontally.
  9. OS X installed on AppleTV

    AnandTech dissected the AppleTV hardware and stated that the RAM is non-upgradeable. It is not a traditional RAM chip,it is sorta embedded. So bad news there...but u never know what these guys can come out with !!
  10. Favourite Linux/UNIX distro

    Sabayon rocks !! Nothing close to it at present...
  11. Chk this out.. Kinda newbie stuff,but hey...still useful ! http://lowendmac.com/eubanks/07/0312.html
  12. Agloco: Browse for $$

    I dont intend to make a living out of this. U say 2010,even if it shuts down in 2009,I wud'nt mind making a few 100 dollars a month for the next two years for surfing 5 hrs a month with the viewbar on.I am still studying,so any extra cash wud be great. AND WHY DO U THINK U WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID ?? .The viewbar is not yet out. The site is in BETA !! And it has 250,000 members. All Advantage had more than 10,000,000 !! And of the 250,000 members ,using the 20/80 rule ,only 50,000 members have referrals under them. I have 30 direct referrals and am in the top 2.5% !! And as AGLOCO expands,my member base will grow irrespective of me doing anything. EVEN IF LASTS FOR ONLY 2 YEARS,I WANT TO BE A PART OF IT FOR THE WHOLE OF THE 2 YEARS RATHER THAN START BUILDING MY NETWORK WHEN THE FIRST BATCH OF PEOPLE START EARNING. TO EACH HIS OWN.Those guys will earn millions irrespective of us joining them or not. That is what probably enticed all those STANFORD GRADS to leave their lucrative jobs and start AGLOCO. I wud'nt mind having a small part of the money.Even if it is PEANUTS compared to what they earn ,for a student like me,a few hundred dollars is quite significant.
  13. Take One, Leave One

    Beryl ____________ Nike or Adidas ?
  14. Agloco: Browse for $$

    The person with 10,000 referrals wud have had a 150 direct referrals (Chk out the uploaded image)..the rest are indirect,u dont need to do anything there !! And about your issue bout the founders making money, for christ's sake, I cant be jealous of page and brin cause they earn everytime I search !! They are the FOUNDERS ,give them credit ! And if ur so against them earning more then U ,start ur own !! (that might sound mean ,but that's the reality. The innovators need to earn more !) And morever,AGLOCO site clearly says "A global community owned by members " They are going to keep 10% of the money and distribute the rest amongst members.That money would be needed to keep all the "STANFORD GRADUATES" in the company. Chk the team out Development Team Akshay Mavani: A.K. coordinates strategy and represents our Indian Members. He brings experience as an electronic engineer, and worked in sales and strategy in China and Hong Kong before attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Allison Cui Allison is AGLOCO's China specialist and represents our Chinese Members. She worked as a software engineer in Shanghai, China before attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Anne Sophie Mayos Anne-Sophie handles AGLOCO's website and her sense of style makes sure it is always up to date. Originally from Paris, she designed media information sites for millions of online users at France's leading television channel. Brian Greenwald Brian works in business development at AGLOCO. A scientist by education, he worked in marketing and development for several biotech companies before attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Cannon Bonar Cannon is AGLOCO's ambassador within the teenage community. Currently a student at Central Middle School, he will represent our teen Members (and he tried hard to think of a cool-looking name for our company). Dan Jorgensen Dan is AGLOCO's Member recruiting coordinator. He worked in sports marketing and online advertising before helping AGLOCO create its network. Javier Alvira Javier is our in-house blogger expert. A native of Spain, he worked as an engineer in telecommunications around Europe before joining Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Jim Jorgensen Founder of AllAdvantage and Discovery Zone. Jim's experience of paying $100 million to members in 1999 and pioneering the “returning value to Internet users” idea, is an invaluable source in guiding AGLOCO's new Development Team members. Moshe Pinto Moshe is AGLOCO's resident lawyer, he negotiates and executes contracts. Prior to joining Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Moshe worked as a corporate lawyer and political strategist in Israel and the US. Nick Punt Nick advises AGLOCO's technological and community development. He worked as a video game designer and online communities' product manager prior to attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Ray Everett-Church Ray was the world's first corporate Chief Privacy Officer, pioneering the field of corporate privacy professionals. An attorney and technology expert, he is responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of AGLOCO's Member information and providing guidance on privacy and anti-spam issues. Sam Flax Sam is AGLOCO's Chief Architect for the design of our economic network. Sam's 30 years in Russia and then 20 years in the US give to AGLOCO a unique perspective on managing and implementing our database. Steve de Bonvoisin Steve coordinates AGLOCO's communication and strategy implementation. Originally from Belgium, he has lived and worked on four continents and brings experience in economic consulting and as a reporter for a leading economic newspaper. He is attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Trey Reasonover Trey is our in-house community dynamics specialist. He became a Web 2.0 addict after working as a strategy consultant, and attends Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Contributors We would like to acknowledge the past and current efforts the following people have made to the formation of AGLOCO: Carl Anderson, CTA Holdings Gil Penchina, Wikia Tim Ehrlich, Latham and Watkins LLP Zaw Thet, 4info Greg Chin, Latham and Watkins LLP Valerie Williamson, OSTG - Open Source Technology Group Graham Winter, Richards Butler Oliver Brock, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Guy Connell, Richards Butler David C Martin, IBM John Shoch, Alloy Ventures Lars Nordwall, SugarCRM, Inc. Dave Pidwell, Alloy Ventures Thomas Hellmann, University of British Columbia Dave Robertson, Collegiate Images Bruce Lacey, CarrierIQ Robb Watters, Madison Group Johannes Pohle, Morgen Group Justin Everett-Church, Adobe Systems Inc Chad Balch, Ph.D., Stanford University J.D. Brasesco, SAVVIS Communications Lisa Busby, George P Johnson Company Geoffrey Shenk – SEM Specialist Victor Tsai, University of California, Berkeley David Steinberger, Tickle Inc. Jacques Clay, French Tech Tour Alexandre Gourevitch, Science Po Paris Richard Sze, Software Developer Jennifer Jackson, Owners Advantage Ira Ehrenpreis, Technology Partners Allen Gaul, GreenPoint Financial Murray Arenson, Matrix Equities Mike Depatie, Kimpton Hotels James Reed II, Plum Tree Technologies Sam Ladah, Haas School of Business Jean-Marc Mommessin, Stanford University Greg Stebben, Radio Group Ken Myers, Crushpad, Inc. Brandon Blum, University of Michigan Gary Capata, Capata and Co. Dana Duggan, Vanderbilt University Ilya Strebulaev, Ph.D., Stanford University
  15. Inkless Printer !

    A revolutionary way to print pictures without ink has been invented by a US company called Zink Imaging. Link to the article : http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/dn...inkless-printer Link to the company: http://www.zink.com/