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My Vista To OSX Change Over

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Well about 2 weeks ago i got myself a mbp (macbook pro)

and WOW its awesome, whenever i got my vista pc i find it slow and non resposive.

(and its a 2g pc like 4 months ago)

when i loaded up vista on the mbp, i got into the desktop and guess what

"Explorer is not responding"

lol haha, after that ie froze on the firefox site, microsoft only wants me to use IE.


the mac side is awesome i dont play that many games so it dont worry me that it doesnt have that many games.

but the functiblity of it is awesome! i take it into the tv room connect it to the plasma we have and i watch my latest BT downloaded shows.

on a big screen, no waiting to convert the videos to DVD like in windoze.


so i say windows is for dozers

mac just works. [= :P


and yea im new to mac so i might have some n00b questions [=



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My choise between Vista (XP) and OSX86? Definitely OSX86. I was hanging onto Vista because of the slugish response I got when using Adobe CS2, especially photoshop. But now that CS3 is out and it is made for the Intel chip, all I can say is Basta la Vista. I will still use Vista for gaming, that is really about it. I have no other real reason to use it. Well, yes, I do, to use it as a test bed when my Windows using friends have problems and ask for my help.

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hrhr : ) yeah, welcome to the bright side of computing. i'm also a new user to the mac world... got my self a mb a few months

ago... i just love it! meanwhile i'm owning a macbook, a mac mini and an imac :( yesterday my dad came home and told

me to take the big white box out of his car's trunk. i was slightly smiling when finding out that it was a 24'' imac box ^^ so finally, he also got the mac virus ; ) but it's a good way of being "ill" : )

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yea i used to be a windoze fan boy.

but know im like how can you be its so unreliable and buggy.

i dont understand how home users can stand it?? [=


if mac just incorperated a exe opener in mac osx id be in love.

then i wouldnt need windoze.

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An "exe opener" is much more complicated. They'd need to handle all types of API calls, kernel calls, system calls, and driver calls. Would they include Direct3d acceleration via OS X's driver this way? Even if they did, it would take a major performance hit, and would not be optimal for games. They'd have to reverse engineer what they know about the current Windows API to make a lousy, broken, kindof compatible layer, like crossover is, with only a handful of software supported, as support gets added for popular apps by going through the process, and fixing each of the calls that it makes that are broken in the layer.


Yep, really easy, and really efficient.

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Im glad to hear your happy with your Mac, but im still happy with my PC..

I own an older PPC mac mini with 10.4 on it, its great although my PC can do everything it does. I don't have anything wrong with OSX I just cant seem to figure out why people go so nuts over it.. Once I get my DX10 card I bet i'll advocate Windows more than ever.

( On a side note apple has terrific hardware, if I was going to buy a small laptop it'd be a macbook for sure :P )

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