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Transmission .71 RELEASED

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Well, Transmission 7.1 was released this morning, and today marks the beginning of the end of using Azureus on Macs.


Heres what their site has to say:


"Transmission 0.71 Released!

Posted by John Clay on 24/04/07

We are pleased to release Transmission 0.71.


Note: Transmission 0.71 for Mac OS X requires 10.4 or later.


0.71 (2007/4/23)

Send port info when sending requests

Calculate ratio differently when seeding without ever downloading

Add additional error messages and debug info

Improved UPnP support



Fix error when using default incomplete folder

Disable the stop ratio once it is reached (while seeding)

Small interface adjustments"


They also mention that "..this version should be unblocked on most of the private trackers that it was previously banned on."


This morning OiNK's news page says:


"The latest version of the Transmission client (0.71) is now allowed to be used on the tracker. It's a Mac OS X/Linux client with a basic feature set. If you use it and encounter any problems, please use their forums for support."


Well, I dont know about you, but I am in the process of switching (back) to Transmission right now.



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What about demonoid.com? Were/are they blocking Transmission?


It hasn't been blocked from Demonoid. It never was. I've been using Transmission with Demonoid torrents since February. ;)

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This definitely has a much nicer and simpler GUI than Azureus, but Azureus beats it hands-down in download speeds. I ran the same torrents through Transmission and Azureus over night, and Transmission had only 34% of the file whereas Azureus had been done and seeding for a couple hours.


Hopefully, over time, the speed issue will be worked out by adopting whatever standards Azureus uses for management.

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An annoying issue I had with transmission is that if you deleted a downloaded file by accident and then tried to add the torrent again to transmission to download it again - it wouldn't. Just comes up as fully downloaded. Like it rememberes that you've added this before and that it had finished downloading it.


I could find no way of cleaning any memory so that it would forget and had to either use another torrent client or use a different system.


Hope this is fixed now.

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I've used Transmission and wasn't really impressed.


Azureus is a much better client, but I'm really quite bummed that the best PC torrent client, uTorrent, isn't available for OS X. That puppy can do everything and has an insanely small footprint, both on disk and in memory during download operations.


Now if only Azureus would add shutdown functionality so that the computer would shut down after seeding to completion I'd be a very happy camper indeed.

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poeple complain about Azureus being to memory hogging but i have no problem running Azureus 24/7 and just capping the upload rate when i am actually using the computer. it hasnt slowed me down at all ever since i have been using it on my macbook pro and hackintosh.

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AcePlayer, iirc it was fixed in svn to get the right amount downloaded.

OK not sure what svn is but I'm guessing your saying it's fixed in the new update. I'll give it a twirl.


One thing that I don't like in Transmission is the lack of a Stop button. Pause isn't the same as Stop.

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i itryed transmission and damm is fast! not tryed azureus, but i have to say that transmission is awesome!, almost not eat resources, download very, VERY fast, only thing that is missing is a torrentsearch like utorrent, but i think this is the best of the best, c ya.



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