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  1. Pantalaimon

    Favorite Cheese

    "Mantecoso" Cheese, can't find the English name But it is salty, and I love it : D Also parmesan and reggianito for pastas
  2. Pantalaimon

    The word "America"

    Just wondering... Americans (just using that word because of the lack of a more proper one, in my opinion) use the word "America" to mean the US. Canadians don't say America at all, but if they want to speak about the US, they just say "the US", "the United States", or simply "the States". Americans (don't know about other people) are taught that North America and South America are two completely different continents, the same way Europe and Africa are different, in Spanish speaking countries "America" is one big continent divided in three subcontinents, like Europe being divided in Western and Eastern Europe, so American (Americano in Spanish) means someone from America, the whole continent, and Americans are estadounidenses (From Estados Unidos, United States), so technically Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, etc are all Americans. The Real Academia Española (the Spanish equivalent to the French Académie française), says it is incorrect to call americano to someone from the US. And I just wanna know what you think This isn't to prove anyone right or wrong, just to know what different people from around the globe think.
  3. Pantalaimon

    Good Mac-based torrent sites?

    BS is the best. Sorry, but I dont have invitations, try the invite thread for BS
  4. Hi! I just got into a little argument with a friend about how you say "cat killer" in japanese (instead of dog). I know that dog is "inu" but i want the translation for "cat killer" to japanese I'd really apreciate it xD
  5. Pantalaimon

    IQ and race

    Not necesaryly linked, but if you take race as a "society", you will obivously have a higher IQ if you are black raised in Norway (e.g.) than if you are black and are raised in Nigeria
  6. Pantalaimon

    Water vs. Coke

    Coke is practically the only beberage I drink. I have a BMI of around 19, I dont excersise, almost never drink water, and I'm as healthy as the healthiest person in the world . _. I remember when I put a screw in a glass of Coke, I left it there for about 2 weeks, and when I take it out to see if anything happened, and it had not a single spot of stain
  7. For the torrents use Transmission. And installing applications in a Mac is simple, just frag to application that you downloaded or have got o a CD to your applications folder.
  8. Pantalaimon

    Biggest places without Apple Store.

    how about every country that isnt US, Canada, Japan, UK or Italy for a start?
  9. Pantalaimon

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    AV: 5/10 sig: 8/10
  10. Pantalaimon

    Pics of Apple's New Slim Keyboard

    I thought i was the only one that thought it was terrible O.o I mean, that's the ugliest keyboard EVAH
  11. Pantalaimon

    Owned with pictures

    But there is no Mastercard if you're broken