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My first "custom" PC


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I was diggin through my garage and found a box full of stuff from back when I first moved in 2001, along with the Legos and other stuff, I found my beloved "LapTosh".


According to my dad, he gave me a broken Toshiba laptop when I was 9 (Im 15 now) and I was able to rip it apart and fix the screen, but decided to make my own case out of cardboard from all of our shipping materials (because the plastic was terrible gouged and cracked).


Heres a few pics to show off my youger appreciation of cardboard/technological genius/nerdiness:



Small keyboard and 8 inch B/W screen



Battery (30 minute lifetime 6 years ago), 160 mb hd, 12 mb ram, and the empty space is where th floppy drive wouldve been.


Over the 6 years of being in the garage, the backlight broke, but it still fires up its old install of win 95 :censored2:


Ah, those were the days...


EDIT: i wonder if i can get my mini in there :hysterical:

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