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  1. [BUY] I need a mac mini!

    ebay is your friend here
  2. Are you a virgin?

    Ahaha.... Well Im still a virgin but.... wenever that one person comes....
  3. Are you a virgin?

    And yet the news did a story on how LESS teens are having sex :censored2:
  4. Get the Seagate.... I wouldn't us e a harddrive branded Toshiba, Poor Quality
  5. Apple Stores to Charge $5 US to enter?

    LOL wow that would suck, but then again.... Most of us mac users (real, apple hardware) wouldn't mind being called Elite... now snob I might have a problem with
  6. Donate 5000, Put about half of it for college, Build a PC, and I guess just give some back to people I think I owe a lot to, and finally Just keep the rest for a rainy day.
  7. iPhone has been released!

    We got 2, A 4gb and an 8gb, and I have to say... they look and act great
  8. For Sale Intel Quad Extreme QX6700

    IS this the 2.66 ghz version
  9. New York to punish retailers

    Good thing Im a PC user lol, I can Play any game I want (I DON'T play Pornography games because, I don't like em much myself either)
  10. Mac OS X Leopard Leaked

    Gotta have this, Going to buy a DL dvd tonight
  11. Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance
  12. I'm getting a Mac Pro

    Wow guys thats for all your comments, Hey soundless A average baby! I like newegg, Cheaper stuff and I got a couple of HDD sitten at me desk so Might put those is if too many HDD becomes a money issue - Pat
  13. Mac Pro is on his way

    Congrats dude!
  14. I'm getting a Mac Pro

    Alright, Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I'm gettinga mac pro (Good grades) but I have a question. Im going to have 4 HDD put in, this computer will be just for movie editing, rendering, and etc. Now I KNOW I need windows on one of the HDD, but which version. XP or Vista I need to know which OS to put on. Which will be more compatible with the big windows edditing apps? -Thanks is advance Patman -Opinions are OK too