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Canon Rebel XTi

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I have the Canon Rebel XT and it's fine. You really don't need the bigger screen as its just there to view it for a quick second, you dont need the sensor cleaner. You could buy a 10$ rocket blower which takes most dust away. I'd get the XT, it's a great camera. Have fun with it!

you dont need the sensor cleaner.


Says you. The difference between the XT and the XTi at f/22 are amazing. The sensor cleaner is fantastic for anyone shooting at narrow f/stops, like macro photographers. If you only shoot wide open at f/4-6.1 then you are blurring the dust and can't see it as well, but it's still there obstructing light.



You could buy a 10$ rocket blower which takes most dust away.


No, you'd be adding more dust. Try it. Then shoot the open sky at f/22 (Av mode at ISO 100) and then look at all that crappy sensor dust.


My XTi outperforms my 20D so well that I can't stand using the 20D anymore. I can't stand the clean-up needed in Photoshop after I import them.


You really don't need the bigger screen as its just there to view it for a quick second


This is also not true. The bigger screen allows me to shoot and view the histogram/settings view in RGB mode and still keep the image thumbnail big enough to see it. It's a very nice addition.


I had to put a palm pilot screen protector on it though, since it sticks out a bit far for my taste. Makes it smudge too easy.

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The 'Digital Rebels' have got damn good low-light performance that beats everyone else hands down at higher ISOs, but I can't stand the grips on them, they're utterly un-holdable (Canon affictionados may disagree with me, but you'd have to have used something else to know -_-)


I'm happy with my old Oly E-500 now, but when the time comes to upgrade, it will almost certainly be to an Oly, Nikon, or maybe Sony unless Canon have sorted their ergonomics on the entry-level SLRs.

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man i loved this camera i got this a while back small lightwieght very nice, then switched over the 40D, my Brother is going to get a 50D which will be really awesome. CANON FTW

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on the flip side, i had an xti and finally had to sell it because i was getting nothing but krap pictures off it. turned around and got a nikon d40x... omg! my pictures were so much better it was amazing!! i had even sent both the xti and lens in for warranty'd repairs and checks ... no change.


posting this in case anyone else has problems like this with their xti's because sometimes it really is the camera and not the photographer! :D

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I used the Eos 350d for 4 years and I was very happy with it.

I used it for event photography (without flash) with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 but the noise at ISO 1600 was pretty nasty.

Now I bought the 550d mainly because of its FullHD video capability and its a nice improvement!

Iso 3200 is still usable for web publishing and shooting video with my canon 10-22mm lens is great fun!


I also got the Batterygrip (150eur, are you kidding me???) and will get the LCDVF for better focus control!

I am dying for any of the Canon Rebels. I'm not very good at saving my money though haha


Never been a big rebel fan myself, their just too small. Better to get an older professional used body then a new entry level one imho.

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I just purchased a Canon Rebel T1i body along with a Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 lens, should arrive by monday. Weather permitting I'll learn its ins and outs at a car show tuesday evening.


I looked at lots of rebels, and I almost went for the XTI, but the T1i had more features i wanted to boot.


Huge step up from the SD1100is I have now, but the SD1100is isn't retired yet, it's just going to be the beater camera now.

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As much as I wanted that XTi, the T1i was the best choice for me. That picture isn't even close to the highest quality the camera can crank out, I just don't have a big enough memory card to go all out just yet.


That picture is ISO800, 1/13 at f/2.8 in manual focus, neutral filter, and it's the smallest image size. I could easily shoot it in RAW at ISO 6400 at 15mp.


Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 lens was the best choice as well.


The XTi is a great camera, but if you're looking for a little bit more, the T1i and T2i are amazing.

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Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 lens was the best choice as well.


You're happy with 28mm? I used a 28-90mm lens for a while on my XS, but it never really felt wide enough. I got fed up with it a month ago and replaced it with an 18-125mm f/3.8-5.6 optically stabilized Sigma, and the difference is incredible.


If the f/2.8 aperture is what you're after, Sigma sells a nice optically stabilized 18-50mm f/2.8 (that I almost bought) for about $190 street.

Actually I'm fairly content with the 28mm. I'll definitely say there are times when it is annoying (crowded car shows for example).


In all though, I'm sure in the future I'll shot for a wider lens, as well as a zoom lens, but for now, I'm actually really happy with what I have. I wish it had IS in it, but to be honest, I guess I don't really need it for now. It's definitely a really great feature to have, but for what I paid, it gets the job done.


I actually shoot anywhere from f/2.8 to f22, so the lens gives me the opportunity to.


I was at a car show last night, and was shooting some at f/22, because there was enough daylight to make up for it without blurry shots. It'll take some more tweaking and playing around, but I can't complain for a second, but I don't think I'll keep shooting at Large settings, Medium or Small generally, the largest pictures don't look really good until they get scaled down a little, but I am very picky about image quality.

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