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  1. siliconpie

    Ipod Vs Blonde

    Even funnier, read the comments. 'Course, I had no sound, so who's to judge which had moar lulz?
  2. siliconpie

    Canon Rebel XTi

    Those thar be some nice pictures *looks at $100 camera* *looks more* *cries* Also, I could hug you, Ictinike. Debian!
  3. siliconpie

    Macintosh Virus Discovered

  4. The sad thing is, people would buy that because it is shiny and made by Apple. Hence, why people pay $1000 for a laptop that you could pay $500 for if you got a PC.
  5. siliconpie

    Why Windows 7 will be the best Windows ever

    Sticman, the great bit about what you did is that I had Win7 for about a week and just installed OSx86 this morning. Except, you know, I got in on the beta. So I'm waaaaaaaaay more 1337 than those TBP people.
  6. siliconpie

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Well, personally, yes, I think Mormons are Christians. They've got the same God as all of you, and the same saviour. But then again, I'm atheist and count Jews as being almost Christian. You've also got the same god, and half your holy book is the same...