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  1. halp! eta: iATKOSv7

  2. Panaramic Shots?

    i found this great how-to! http://www.flickr.com/photos/jftphotograph...57600232700728/ also, the hugin download page with lots of info too! http://hugin.sourceforge.net/download/
  3. halp! eta: iATKOSv7

  4. Panaramic Shots?

    omg!!! these are amazing!! how do you do them?? it may be a sin to note this here but microsfot has it's own free download (if you have a valid windows license) called ICE. i've put together about 80 images in it successfully. tried 96 but it was too much for ICE. ICE really stuggles when there aren't many details, like images of the sky. i shrank down the images before stitching them so the final image wasn't huge. fwiw.
  5. Large Monitor Desktop Wallpaper's (2560 x 1600)

    apod has a lot of nice options like this one - click on the image itself for a larger version http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap100209.html lots of pics here too http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/index.html
  6. halp! eta: iATKOSv7

    giving up here. thanks for looking.
  7. nikon d40?

    my d40x is head and shoulders superior in terms of picture quality over the xti i used to have. it sure does get dusty fast, though, but i'm getting pretty good at cleaning it out lol the d40x does 100ISO while the d40 only gets down to 200ISO... doesn't seem like much but depending on the kinds on images you take, it could make a lot of difference. as for a d80, now there's a d5000 that is worth checking into as well. it's one of ''Steve's'' top picks at http://www.steves-digicams.com/best-cameras.html
  8. Just a couple of my first snaps.

    you can also try to focus on the brightest area, push your shutter button down about half-way to ''hold'' that focusing as you reframe your image in the second one, then take the picture. as for the first one, if you know anything about hdr, you could take several images of that scene with different exposures (keep the f- number the same, just change the speed) and do an hdr image to balance out the light and dark areas. if your camera does bracketing for you, that would help a lot. also, it would help to use a tripod so your images lined up perfectly in the hdr. most of all, have fun!
  9. how does one edit a photo like this?

    it also looks like they used a magic wand of some kind to select the sky and change the color to the yellow on this image. you can see in the full-sized picture that the leaves don't look quite right where they abut the sky. they could have shot the image with filters, or used a special camera setting. they could have changed the overall appearance with a photo editing program. i think even picnik.com lets people keep one area in focus while blurring the rest if they want to make that kind of adjustment.
  10. Workflow

    can you hook up a second, larger monitor for processing your photos? (yes i'm working up to the required 5 posts before i can post about my very sad semi-hacked computer so i don't know anything about macs YET) anyways, it's an option vista offers and it's sweet! takes a bit to wrap your mind around it at first, but you can really spread things out when you have that second monitor... or digital tv?? could a good-enough tv become the second monitor for processing some of our seriously cooler images?
  11. Canon Rebel XTi

    on the flip side, i had an xti and finally had to sell it because i was getting nothing but krap pictures off it. turned around and got a nikon d40x... omg! my pictures were so much better it was amazing!! i had even sent both the xti and lens in for warranty'd repairs and checks ... no change. posting this in case anyone else has problems like this with their xti's because sometimes it really is the camera and not the photographer!
  12. Digital camera suggestion

    tripod, seriously. or a monopod, but if you're doing much of any photography, you're going to probably need a tripod at some point anyways. okaaaay if i do a quick edit i can ... edit... any part of my post i want. noted. weird. why 10mp? so you can crop down to the part of the picture you really wanted but couldn't quite zoom into for. i've been looking at the panasonic fz 35, too. if you want quality peer reviews, look up your camera at bhphotovideo to see what ''real'' photographers are saying about it. also, steves-digicams reviews a bunch of different cameras and includes a lot of sample images. he lists his top pics and why here http://www.steves-digicams.com/best-cameras.html ok, i cannot go back in this post to add this link to the first paragraph. nice. anyways, i've been looking at this inexpensive but highly rated tripod myself http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...ER&v=glance as my existing one is breaking after 10 years of a lot of use.