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Model identifier gets truncated

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It is a minor thing, but it bugs me.


The model identifier gets truncated after I updated to OC and Big Sur (all versions).
Can someone tell me why this is is happening? I am guessing it's an SmBios thing but I can't find anything wrong.


Currently on OC 0.6.9 and Big Sur 11.4 on a Dell Precision 3520 (i5-6440HQ) with the MacBookPro13,3 SMBIOS data.



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15 hours ago, Allan said:

Check if everything is ok with Sanity Checker


I did repeatedly with latest opencore configurator and OC's own validation tool. (Sanity checker goes only up to OC 0.6.6)


Zero problems...


PS. I saw this, https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/gplals/model_identifier_is_too_schort_macbookpro1/frp8c81/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


This did fix the truncated model identifier, but completely screwed-up either my usb ports or the hole smbios data (my laptop's Dell info was showing).

The hell with it, if i can't find a specific solution I can live with it.

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This is very old problem found in Dell laptops with Skylake CPU. It was resolved in Clover by 


OpenCore developers know this and  must make some analog.

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