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  1. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    usb dies for the same reasons it happens on hacks. the ports are assigned to different port locations it is hardcoded by smbios. you could probably use hackintool and follow its instructions to create a Acpi ssdt or kext to resolve your issues. even though it is a real mac.
  2. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    ok here it goes EFI.zip looks like you have to re bless OC after apple updates. sudo bless --device /dev/disk0s1 --file BOOTx64.efi --setBoot
  3. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    when I get home I guess. that's funny because the only thing my config is being used for is the serial number LOL. my SMC was replaced and it came with no serial. that's the reason I attempted to try OC on the iMac. apple serializer is too old to run on my machine to fix the issue and I already closed the machine so can't dump then edit and re upload the rom. unless serializer can be modified to run on new systems.
  4. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    all i did was use opencore configurator made a new config disabled anything that was default in all option menus. in smbios i just populated the generic section with the info i needed changed like serial and had to put a mac identifier if not OC defaults to mac pro 6,1 i selected all the check mark options across the bottom and set auto to auto instead of create. the other thing it needed was applepolicy checked like i explained in my previous post. i am not using any drivers or kexts just config with the smbios info i want changed deleted everything else oh and i set the gui text mode stuff for the bootpicker
  5. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    I did not try re enabling sip as. it does not bother me being disabled
  6. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    i got the imac to boot to OC directly. i had to boot to recovery but i had to enable AppleBootPolicy in OC uefi in config.plist to be able to boot recovery from OC. then i had to run terminal and do csrutil disable then reboot into catalina then in terminal use sudo bless --device /dev/disk0s1 --file BOOTx64.efi --setBoot my imac has only one internal drive hence disk0s1 the only weird thing i have noticed is that i had one instance of the machine not wanting to power on and since then my fans have been running full blast since. but the imac does power on and function. also sometimes the apple mouse gets disconnected edit: i did an SMC reset and the fans are back to normal. i powerd off the machine. pulled the power cord for 15 seconds. plugged it back in waited 5 seconds then powered on the imac.
  7. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    good to know. thanks will try it when i figure out how. i am running Catalina latest beta on that imac with OC 4.0
  8. bronxteck

    OpenCore Discussion

    yes i tried it on an imac yesterday. the only thing is you have to hold the option key at boot to load OC first.
  9. bronxteck

    Hackintool v2.8.0

  10. bronxteck

    Problem with booting and WiFi

    you probably need to tape over pins 56 and 58 and maybe try loading BRCM-NIC with flag https://github.com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup
  11. bronxteck

    Clover General discussion

    how are we supposed to implement patch APIC after commit 5028. most people that have it enabled in config are having issues booting to a KP. and dont know why the machine that always booted fine now suddenly KP's at boot after rev 5028 and higher. is it a bug or a feature? for the guys above try disabling patch APIC if you have it enabled and see if now it works.
  12. bronxteck

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    my logitech wired USB mouse stopped responding on a real Imac 2015 after beta 4 update. i had to switch USB port for the mouse to work again.
  13. bronxteck

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    maybe you are missing APFS.efi driver
  14. the BT module does not want to let the specified firmware load into it. try loading another OS and confirm the hardware works properly.
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